Overcome Self Criticism

Self – criticism and lack of motivation are two major threats that kill creativity at work. When it seems like you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, the perceived challenge declines and so does your drive for it. So instead of being able to optimise your creativity and come up with innovative ideas, self-criticism and lack of motivation get in the way of performing your best. Here are 6 ways you can conquer both without having to switch jobs or career path:

  1. Your Perception of Yourself – Your perception of yourself eventually becomes a reality. If you keep telling yourself “you can only do this much”, this severely restricts your creativity and you’re only bound to self – fulfil this prophecy. 
  2. Submit Yourself To a Paradigm Shift – This not only means having to re-shape your mental attitude but also subjecting to new and more exciting environments that stimulate your creativity. 
  3. Forget Your Anxieties – 90% of what you worry remain just that – worries. They’re not realised so why even bother?
  4. Seize Opportunities to Hone Key Skills – To improve self – confidence, take time to develop critical skills in your job, be open to criticism and learn to critique your own work fairly. 
  5. Find Something Positive or Interesting in every Project – It’s easy to get bored or de-motivated when you fail to see something new or something you like in each task you do.
  6. Use other Avenues to Unleash Your Creativity – Draw inspiration by engaging in other creative activities outside of work and experience how this surge of creativity eventually flows in what you do in your job. 

Get outside your mind. Once you no longer allow the inner critic to get the best of you, move on. Turn your attention to something outside your mind. Feeling the temperature of the air. Feel the weight of your own body. Listen to the mundane sounds around you. Doing this is inherently calming.


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  1. zendateting says:

    Needed this today. I’m really flagging on a project at work so will keep this in mind while I try and look at it from a new angle today. Thank you. 🌈👑

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    1. When you notice yourself falling into these thought patterns, I want you to write out all the positive things you have done in your life, all the achievements you have made (even if it’s getting out of bed and getting to work/school/college on time). Write out compliments people have given you over time, scribble down all your positive attributes.

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  2. ESP says:

    Wise words, also there are many external critics, you can save yourself the trouble and leave criticism to these experts 😊

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    1. When you say to yourself, “I approve of myself,” notice how you feel and what thoughts arrive. If you are able to digest this and walk off smiling, then you’re allowing yourself to take this in and accept it. If you notice some resistance or negativity, try to understand what they are. Be mindful that these are your inner gremlins talking to you and they like to play tricks to make you feel weak. By repeating, “I approve of myself,” you are allowing yourself to learn new ways of thinking, which all help to build your self esteem.

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      1. ESP says:

        Agree, and the only person one should be allowed to approve or disapprove should be themselves.

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      2. Yes because we all are our biggest strength and our biggest critic.


      3. ESP says:

        See? I am quick to learn.

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      4. Smart and Intelligent 🤓

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      5. ESP says:

        Thanks teacher 😁🤓

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  3. Zil Savla says:

    I really like how you have these simple techniques like feeling the temperature of the air or your own weight to get yourself back in the present. Your posts are really inspiring! Thank you for them.


  4. I couldn’t agree more!! I often found myself ONLY looking for the negative things in my workplace and of course because that’s where I focussed my attention, more and more negative things started popping up. My life coaching studies completely opened my mind to a new way of thinking and I started to find the positives in my role. It takes practice but once you have formed the habit of turning the negative inner voice to a positive one it’s becomes easier and easier.

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    1. You think everything through–several times. This is something I tend to do. It can be a benefit when I make well-thought-out, informed decisions, or a drawback when I take too long to make up my mind. Being self-critical means answering the potential questions that may arise. This leads to being overly prepared when presenting the work. Over-prepared is certainly better than under-prepared.

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  5. vidur sahdev says:

    Great advice! 👍

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    1. People who are self-critical are always analyzing the situation, whether the outcome was good or bad. They are always seeking ways to improve.” People who are already content with themselves may not try quite as hard to do better. Don’t you think?


  6. vidur sahdev says:

    People who are self-critical, often end up blaming themselves in every situation, sometimes for failure, and sometimes for not doing better…in the long run it does not lead to a happy persona. People who are already content with themselves may not seem to tie themselves with what the world defines as achievements, but may have their own inner goals which give them their continued sense of contentment… my thoughts at this moment.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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  7. James L says:

    In regards to the mind thinking it can only do much. I have found myself in therror habit with targets to always increase it to an uncomfortable amount.

    My mind miget be raging with an inner critic saying it can’t be done, but so many times I have then focused on settling the anxiety usually with self talk.

    The result?

    I have either achieved the higher target or failed – but on the positive got further than I originally thought!

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    1. Self talk and self reflection is very important. It should not only be limited to the time of self criticism. There should be a positive self talk happening at all times at the back of your head. This will prevent any negative self talk to happen.

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      1. James L says:

        Great words – a continued work in progress 24/7

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