Anxiety – The Great Manipulator

When this anxiety symptom is caused by anxiety and stress, the best way toeliminate it is to recognize it is being caused by an active stress response and/or a body that’s overly stressed. Then, calm yourself down and reduce your body’s stress. As your body calms down, this feeling should subside. Here is how the anxiety manipulates you:

  1. Self – Doubt : Anxiety makes us question ourselves. Once self-doubt creeps in, anxiety makes it grow and take over how we view ourselves.
  2. Fear : A big part of anxiety is fear. Anxiety takes what is dear to you and makes you afraid of losing it.
  3. Worries, what-ifs, and worst-case scenarios : These are closely related to fears. It puts thoughts of the worst-case scenarios on our minds, effectively trapping us.
  4. Need for Control : We don’t want our fears to manifest. We hate being plagued by constant self-doubt. And we’re weary of our worries. To get rid of them, we focus on them, trying very hard to control them.

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  1. ESP says:

    all these can be positive influence too, self-doubt checks our arrogance, fear makes us introspect, worries and what-if thoughts expand our imagination and perspective, need for control induces discipline.
    – thus said ESP, who never suffered anxiety and like any experience you are yet to live, it feels tempting.

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    1. Oh yes indeed. Anxiety is associated with one of our most primal instincts to avoid threats. There’s a reason why animals like snakes or bears instill fear, or why unfamiliar foods cause us to pause. Our bodies are biologically wired to protect our well-being so we can live longer and ultimately carry on future generations. Charles Darwin said that species that “fear rightly” increase their chances of survival.

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      1. ESP says:

        “rightly” being the keyword

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  2. Phillis Akii says:

    It’s true from my own experiences with anxiety, and I bet these symptoms become anxiety symptoms when we cannot live our lives normally.
    (I’m a new follower, I love psychology related articles.

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    1. Researchers believe that some stress can help to fortify the immune system. For instance, stress can improve how your heart works and protect your body from infection. In one study, individuals who experienced moderate levels of stress before surgery were able to recover faster than individuals who had low or high levels.


  3. Mary Mangee says:

    The choice is to live in love or to live in fear. All fear based living will bring anxiety and strife. A person near and dear to me lives in fear of everything. He cocoons himself away to shield from being hurt or misunderstood. More than that, the fear brings about a more negative mindset in everything he does. It’s very sad because he’s losing the joys of living. I’ve learned that by being open to whatever comes my way, I am living with the foundation of love and that is where I find my strength and joy in life.

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    1. Behind our anxious mindset and fear is always the question, what if? But the chances of the thing we’re so afraid of happening actually happening is low. In a recent study, researchers asked participants to write their fears over a lengthy time period. They then had to identify which of their imagined misfortunes didn’t happen. What the study showed is that 97% of what we fret, worry, and fear is nothing more than an anxious mind that would have you believe an exaggerated worst-case scenario. And here’s why your fear and anxiety is fabricated — you can’t predict the future. Therefore, there’s no way to guarantee your fear will happen the way you imagine.

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