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Get Clear – A Powerful Motivator

For me personally clarity is one of these qualities I constantly strive for. And if you are anything like me you know that a clear mind is not only the best tool you can have to work with, but also the basis for living a balanced, conscious life. A clear mind means there aren’t any more open questions, there isn’t anymore noise and tumult going on in your head. It’s a great state to be in and my preferred way to live, at least nowadays. That’s why I value simplicity so much, which is a way of keeping clarity on top of everything. There is power in clarity. It’s a foundational principle that underlies many psychological, philosophical, & self-development concepts. It takes many different forms. A few examples:

  1. Setting Goals – It is the process of getting clarity on what you want to accomplish. 
  2. Managing Anxiety – It involves identifying & clarifying negative thoughts in order to see them through a more objective lens (cognitive behaviour therapy).
  3. Drawing Boundaries – It is essential in relationships is how you help others gain clarity about how to treat you.
  4. Working Productively – it means clearly identifying the mission-critical tasks and doing them.
  5. Resolving Disagreements – It begins with clarifying the other person’s argument in your own words & getting clarity on the specific points of disagreement. 

If you are fuzzy about what you want, your results will be fuzzy as well. Clarity about what you want will only come if you start to define what it really is. Answer the question “What do I want most right now?”. Set one clear and written goal from there. Then develop a simple plan to get there and start with the first step today!



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  1. I sincerely appreciate your articles. Your advice is sound, wise, and clear. I must thank you for allowing me (as well as others), to view ourselves with a different vision for our lives. This is very good. Be well and take good care.

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      • I do not know your name but shall call you “empress” for now. I hope you do not mind. At my age I have already learned most of what you write for life’s greatest experiences teach us suffering has its value. I suffered much but have learned through writing, facing my truths on my terms, allows me the privilege to view life with a completely different vision. I am most grateful. I sincerely would love your thoughts concerning my work, at least one, “The Hypostatic Union” only if you will. Thanks very kindly “Empress”. Have a lovely day. Peace, well being, and goodness.

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      • Hi Garima! Pleasant to have met you. On the contrary, I view you as articulate, wise, and an awesome writer. Please do not feel pressured. I value your comments per poem you read. It is very nice to have had the pleasure of knowing your name. Be blessed. Until next time.

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  2. Well said!! Sometimes we are afraid of being frank about we we clearly want yet clarity also saves so much time.
    This article has also reminded me of what was said about Albert Einstein, “Einstein is reported to have said that if he only had one hour to solve a problem he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it routinely”.

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  3. Well written!
    Sometimes we are afraid of being clear about our needs yet clarity also saves us a lot of time.
    This reminds me of what was said about Albert Einstein that, “if he only had one hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it routinely”.

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