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How to Overcome Failure

Failure and life go hand in hand. It’s impossible to live your life and not face failure. Many a times we get so caught up in the failure that we lose all power to overcome it. That’s why it’s very important that you learn how to overcome failure. If you can learn how to start making failure work for you, you will make leaps and bounds forward in your journey :

  1. Understand failure for What It Is – Failure can be a learning lesson. It all depends on your perspective and attitude. Thomas Edison has been noted to talk about failure as learning another way not to do something.
  2. Acknowledge the Lesson – Take the time to reflect on your experiences. What can you learn from this? What could you have done differently? What do you need to improve? Who can you learn from? What will you do next?
  3. Let it Go – Remember that success never comes easy. Failure will always be a part of your growth journey, no matter how experienced you are. It’s all about your attitude and how you’re able to move forward. 

You’ll never be able to stop obstacles from occurring in your life, but you are able to control your attitude toward them. Remember to always fail forward, and develop some thick skin on your journey to success! 


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    • Yes failure is required for success. But it is very important to view the entire scenario carefully. First, just accept how you feel. Remember: you’re not a failure just because you had a setback. Be constructive and learn from this situation. Remind yourself: anyone who wants to do things of value in life will fail. Let it out into the light. Find inspiration and support from your world.

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    • Failure helps to build and breed a foundation for a future filled with success. It’s through our failures that we make deeper insights into life, that we expand our horizons, and we chip away at our egos little bit little. And, it’s our egos that tend to get in the way of our lives, pushing us to do things that we wouldn’t normally have done had it not forced us into an autonomous mode of impulsive and habitual behavior.


  1. Dear Garmia,

    Thanks again. Yes, important to work through low times and not get bogged down them. It seems lately you are doing pieces on interpersonal skills. How many have you completed? I have a blogging course and wanted my students to have some blogs rated to interpersonal soft skills. I would like to collect a 20-30 entries that cover topics that prepare students to work with all sorts of people and situations. What tags would I use on your site to narrow my search?

    Thank you,


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