Daily Dose for the Soul

The world you see externally is merely a projection of the world within you. In fact, the world outside is an exact replica of the one within you. Your inner world is a product of your thought. Due to your forgotten nature, your inner world constantly gets affected by the world outside. If the inner world is in turmoil, the outer world appears just as listless and doomed. This fluctuation of emotions is a constant affair in an ordinary mind.

“Man’s Mind”, said Confucius, “is more treacherous than mountains and rivers, and more difficult to know than the sky. For with the sky you know what to expect in respect of coming of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the alternation of day and night.”

It needn’t be this way though. For behind every feeling and experience, there is the thought. Absence of thoughts, however, does not lead to absence of feelings. On the contrary, a still mind is like the tranquil lake, it’s like the calm ocean, an absolute beauty. For thoughts are the ripples in that lake, emotions are the waves in the ocean of the mind. They remain inseparable though waves from ocean.

You look at the whole and you see the parts. You understand the parts and you grasp the whole. If you get a grip on the anatomy, construction and nature of a thought, you’ll instantly understand all that there is to understand about mind. You will immediately realise why and how meditation helps you harness your mind leading to inner peace and bliss.

Reference : A million thoughts. Om Swami.

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