Karma is at once the consequence of past actions and the opportunity for healing and balancing in the present. It is a balancing action that offers us chances through life circumstances, situations, and relationships to learn important spiritual lessons.

Here are a few things that you should know about Karma :

  • Karma means action. Karma works on the modified golden rule : “What you have done in the past and are doing now to others will be done to you in the future”.
  • Karma is cause and effect. “As you sow, so shall you reap” and “what goes around comes around” helps you learn how to love.
  • Karma begins and ends in love. Karma teaches you how to bring more love into any “bad” situation to create “good karma”.
  • Karma applies to everyone equally. Knowing karma always created justices frees you from being angry, sad, hurt, or “negative” about anything.
  • Karma = What you agree to deserve. To transcend karma you need to agree to deserve more by resolving your life’s issues to know more love.
  • Karma = Focus – Attitude – Attention. You get what you agree to deserve through the focus of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Karma is about teaching. To heal your karma, seek out the lessons you must learn and come into agreement with doing so.
  • Karma is about learning. The only true error is to fail to learn from your mistakes.
  • Karma challenges you to change. Karma can be changed, it can always be transcended when you choose to bring more love in the situation.
  • Karma always comes due over time. Whether it takes thousands of years or just a few hours to be realised, karma will be balanced.
  • Karma works by intention. What intention was deep inside your heart when you thought spoke acted is how karma judges you.
  • Karma leads to dharma. Karma is always leading you to your best destiny which is Dharma, a life of purpose and enlightenment.

Reference : https://steemit.com/karma/@gabriel0/karma-find-out-more

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  1. Omatra7 says:

    I definitely believe in Karma!! ❤️✌️

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    1. GS says:

      Yes it is an important aspect of life.

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  2. Chef V. says:


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  3. clcouch123 says:

    In my opinion, this is an excellent precis about karma. Love, focus, learning–there are many aspects of which I was unaware. I am grateful!

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    1. GS says:

      The idea that the universe might include justice enrages people and plenty of sciencey, rational loving people argue why a universe always predisposed to entropy, 2nd law of thermodynamics, is simply all about chance. That somehow over time a closed system is able to come up with higher more intricate forms of complex systems of matter all on it’s own, as simply millennia of chance. That a Universe continually marching toward inevitable and continual states of entropy yet defies that and by extraordinary luck gains hierarchical complex order which we humans cannot even duplicate. No human can create or mimic something as basic as a functioning leaf without extraordinary technology and effort, yet the idea of chance played out over millennia as the ultimate source of our material world gets argued by highly regarded and learned people over and over, people much smarter than I with much better vocabularies and a far better education – and no one calls that magical thinking. Nope.


  4. Wow… Thats such a deep philosophical and a spiritual post…
    I was thinking on this point… What you agree to deserve. To transcend karma you need to agree to deserve more by resolving your life’s issues to know more love… I can take steps as part of the process from my side to achieve what I want to deserve… but whether will I deserve it or not is not in my hands and that it is in destiny’s hands… let me know if am missing something with this point from your perspective…

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    1. GS says:

      Intend and state to your DNA merkebic field, which is the 6 trillion bit interdimensional akoshic incarnation memory which surrounds you along side your aura that you no longer give power to the contracts of old lives, state clearly that in no universe, multiverse or past life there shall be a contracted lesson that needs to be executed any further in order for spiritual evolution to take place fully enabling you to reach asscension in this lifetime and it will simply be so.


  5. kinge says:

    Very informative and helpful. I like this “Karma is about learning. The only true error is to fail to learn from your mistakes.”

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    1. GS says:

      There’s a greater reason that karma repeats itself, and it’s not to cause you pain. Instead, it’s to teach you to take different actions for different results. Then, you can modify your behavior to end karmic patterns and progress in your potential. Past-life karma is resoundingly present in your current life.

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      1. kinge says:

        True. I came to learn about this truth just recently. It’s purpose is to test, and teach and as mentioned on the post- learn how to forgive oneself, let go, accept and learn. Thanks

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      2. GS says:


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