Trick to Being Awesome

The trick to being awesome is to love your life in the flow state. The flow state is a mental state of mind in which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now. It creates a feeling of growth and a feeling of being lucky. You must have goals, but your happiness cannot be tied to those goals. You must be happy before your attain your goals. There are four states of being :

  • Current Reality Trap
  • Flow State
  • Negative Spiral
  • Stress

In order to be awesome you need to be in the balance of Happy in the Now & Vision of the Future.

Happy in The Now

  • The key is to truly embrace and appreciate where you are in your life right now. How? By celebrating how far you have already come, and by practising Blisscipline – the discipline of bliss.
  • You can achieve a constant state of bliss by practising meditation, visualisation, intention setting, inspirational reading and being grateful for what you have.
  • Everyday we wake up, shower, brush our teeth, and wash our bodies. But so few of us take the time to wash our minds. Wash our minds of anxiety, dread, self-loathing. Yet, this is one of those most fundamental ways for us to hack our own happiness.

Vision of the Future

  • To create the best version of your future, you must learn to recognise the difference between “Mean Goals” and “End Goals” and let go of all the bullshit rules.
  • Mean Goals – What you think you want (the things we are told we need before we can be happy like good grades, good degree, a good job). Common bullshit rules in this phase are the pursuit of money is inherently BAD, college education is necessary, aging is given, our goals must be realistic.
  • End Goals – What you truly want (following your passion, being in a loving relationship, contributing, exploring, being genuinely happy). Set realistic goals. Follow intuition about what you really want. You don’t need to know exactly how to get there, you’ll figure that our on the way.

Your true awesomeness will come when you focus on building a life and not building a career.

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28 responses to “Trick to Being Awesome”

  1. Washing of the minds is definitely important. Sprucing them up to have a clean and clear head is important to stay in a good frame of mind.

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      • The monkey mind is a vortex that sucks you in and overwhelms the thought process. It requires introspection and recognition before it can be dealt with. That is the tough part before we can make life easy.

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      • You must start by understanding that it is actually possible to control your anxious and overly active mind. Without realizing that you are in control, you have probably let your monkey mind run free. Here is where that ends. Studies actually show that it takes a full 90 seconds to return to normal brain chemistry after neuro chemical triggers excite your brain. This means you need to stop and take a deep breath. Stop a rapid train of thought by thinking to yourself, “STOP!” before taking several deep breathes and moving on. You are then more likely to be able to address your thoughts with a clear and level head. The truth is, by focusing on your breathing, you allow yourself distance from your anxious thoughts, making them easier to manage.

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  2. Your insight about living in the flow state is so true. As I get older (now in my later forties), I have less patience and frankly discipline to engage in regular behavior I find disagreeable even for a positive and well articulated goal. The end is not enough. The means have to be a positive experience for me as well. When that happens, then indeed I go through a phase of life that is generally much happier and more conducive to greater health than otherwise. I think that when people establish clear and attainable goals for themselves they should also define as much as they can what means will be necessary. If they can see themselves really wanting to do what it necessary (not just doing it for the purposed end), then they are going to do so most likely. If not, then unless the goal is particularly spectacular in their minds the discipline needed to get there likely will falter along the way.

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    • There are two cases here: Case A: If you feel that something you really really want is not achievable if you go with the flow then you can go against the flow and ‘try’ achieve it. Case B: If you feel that something you want is achievable by going with the flow, then go with it.

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  3. This article is awesome and the one who wrote it too! 😀 I actually need this since I worry too much for the future even if I feel too comfortable in the present. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me to just chill and be cool.

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    • Good question Prakash. Intention is simple, what do you want? So I set out an intention today to have Mango Shake…hehe..I closed my eyes, said it to myself and the smiled because it was fun and silly at the same time. 30 minutes later, my mom came and asked me if I would like to have Mango shake and I was like woaaaahhhhhh….YES MOM.
      On a serious note, Intention setting is a life changing practice. Becoming intentional is to become “on purpose.” By setting intentions, you start to become more aware of thought and behavior patterns each day. “I want to be more present at work” is an example of an intention.

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    • Meditation is the best route. Start in anyway possible using music or concentrating on your breath. Let thoughts come and once they do come, imagine them going away from you. All of them. Try it. Also for starters, do a salt water cleansing.

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