Daily Dose for the Soul

The powerful Law of Attraction is at the root of everything that you experience, and the stable, never changing, always accurate premise of this Law is : that which is like into itself, is drawn. When you give thought to sometime, you begin the attraction process of the essence of that subject into your own life experience. Once you have activated a thought Vibration within yourself by giving your attention to the subject, the progression of expansion occurs. In other words, the more attention you give to any subject, the more active the Vibration of that subject is within you. And the longer that occurs, the more powerful the attraction is, until, eventually, you will have irrefutable evidence in your own experience of that active Vibration. All things that happen in your experience come because of the requests that you are sending out with your thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal manager of all Vibration, which expands to everything that exists through the Universe. And so, at the same time that the Law of Attraction is responding to the Vibrational content of your physical thoughts, it is also responding to the Vibrational content of your inner being.

Reference : The Vortex. Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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