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Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

Trying to fight Monday Blues? Stress is an inevitable part of life, especially for highly competitive and successful individuals. Reactions triggered by stressors can have a beneficial affect on your performance and overall health. Is your stress turning into distress? Do you wonder how you can continue to cope with the pressures of daily life and the frantic pace of the world around you?

When you’re feeling anxious or stressed, the strategies listed below can help you cope. I would also like you to practice 1-2 habits from this list everyday. Make it a routine. Overcoming stress is not a one day job, its a lifelong commitment.

  • Go on a digital detox (including phones) – Heavy internet users are 5x more likely to suffer from depression.
  • Read a book instead – Stress declines by 68% after reading for just 5 minutes.
  • Engage in a creative activity – 45 minutes of creative activity lessens stress in the body.
  • Eat Foods that reduce stress – Lemon, dark chocolate, oatmeal and almonds.
  • Exercise everyday – It takes 5 minutes of moderate exercise to get mood enhancement.
  • Get your sleep back in control – REM sleep (when you dream) decreases levels of stress hormones.
  • Focus on your senses a few minutes/day – There’s a strong correlation between positive mood and breath counting.
  • Spend time outside – Be in the sun, vitamin D reduces stress levels. Apply sunscreen to avoid suntan and sunburns.
  • Take more baths – Being horizontal in water mimics the womb conditions & improves mood and optimism.
  • Dance like no one’s watching – Partner dance & musical accompaniment release endorphins and promote stress relief.
  • Laugh your Head off – Laughter releases hormones known to reduce stress, boost immunity and strengthen social relations.
  • Pet your pet – It increases levels of stress reducing hormone oxytocin and decreases stress hormone cortisol.

You should also utilize various stress reduction strategies, like meditation and progressive muscle relaxation. These strategies are an effective way to control stress at the moment, and the more you can control smaller amounts of stress, the less other stresses will affect you.

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  1. Back in college, I had to learn how to deal with stress- I managed.

    1. I went to The Gathering- it was their student-led worship service. So that was one hr long break from studying and school work. So basically what I am saying is take breaks.

    2. Don’t procrastinate- then you would be cramming, and most likely it would be stress overload

    3. Writer’s block- first draft: just write, just write, and then go in and edit, or if you know you need help, get some. The first draft is where you allowed to make mistakes- it will be be the sloppiest: just write that first draft. Learned this tip by an English teacher in high school.

    4. Celebrate= what I did after my final of the final exams was actually celebrating it. That does relieve all of the stress that just hit you when it is something similar to finals. When it came to finals, I started studying for the first final first- then when I know I needed to, add in another class to study for. Slowly added in at that time.

    5. Have time for social: same thing that #1 says. Make sure you learn to manage time. You need time for social. Having the time for things such as The Gathering or Pinterest Night or Candy Critters or any other social event I did- I made time for those.

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    • Wow these are some really good points you have here. The main objective is to keep the mojo up at all times and you have found some really simple and good ways to be happy. Thank you for sharing these with all of us. Gratitude. Feels good already :):)


    • Stress can cause dehydration, and dehydration can cause stress. It’s a vicious cycle. You can break it by building more water consumption into your day. Stress can result in many of the same responses as dehydration — increased heart rate, nausea, fatigue, headache — so if you can remain hydrated you can reduce the magnitude of the physiological responses we have to stress. Thank you for liking my post.

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  2. Perfect timing, Garima. We are off for the summer. Also, I think I told you, I am completing a book. The character, Levy Roarke deal with emotional issues. So this last part of the book is adding the “flavoring” last touches. He is dealing with love/hate with his father who performed a heroic act and nearly lost his life. Even though it is a time travel historical based book it really is people-centered.

    Thank you,


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