Self Doubt – Kill It

Self-doubt is paralyzing. It will cripple you and prevent you from taking action or moving forward. To render someone ineffective, you don’t have to get them to change the core of their beliefs you just have to get them to doubt the validity of their beliefs.

Do you want to be crippled like this? Sadly, most of us have been trained by society to deal with fear and doubt in the worst way possible. We resist it, over-analyze it, and think we’re totally weak for experiencing it in the first place!Do you want to be crippled like this?

So stop playing the victim card. Here are few ways in which you can conquer self doubt :

  1. Don’t Get Hijacked – Whenever, you’re challenged, be prepared for the voice of self-doubt in your head, it will try to stop you doing what you know you should. Be ready and in a stronger position to stop it. Be super-aware the next time you sense self-doubt creeping in, and then literally exclude the voice. Do not allow it a say in the manner. Block out the “what if’s”.
  2. Don’t Wait to Be Asked – People who doubt themselves wait for an invitation to speak. If you have something to say, say it. Don’t overthink it. You have as much right to speak as anyone. Remind yourself that people will respect you more for sharing your thoughts. Don’t allow someone to speak up with an idea that you had but didn’t have the confidence to deliver.
  3. Know How You Look – If you make use of your voice, facial expressions and hands, it will make a huge difference to how you come across to people. You can project confidence by making some small adjustments. Being able to control how you look and sound will boost your confidence and encourage you to speak up. So do your best to look the part.
  4. Worst Case Scenario – Think to yourself – “what’s the worst that can happen?” If you doubt yourself, your default position will be to expect the worst. Counteract this by thinking of the last time something catastrophic happened because of something you did or said. It’s unlikely you’ll recall such a catastrophe more often than not, your imagination is fooling you.
  5. Learn from Failure – Learn from failures you’ve had and then set them aside. Bad memories are often the reason why you stop yourself from doing things. You can’t expel these experiences from your mind completely but with disciplined thinking, you should be able to put them to the back of your mind so that they don’t interfere with your decision making.

Always keep in mind that things can only ever come into being when the conditions are right. It’s part of the Balance of Nature. When the conditions were right, you came into being as a component of Nature’s Balance. You exist as part of the Balance of Nature – your existence is required. You are one of Nature’s gifts to itself and the fact that you exist is evidence that you are important. You matter.

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  1. inhiscare753 says:

    This is absolutely wonderfully written. A great topic. It was expressive and informative. Great Leadership Development and Life Skill Keys.

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    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it. We are so plagued by self doubt everyday. We do not even realise as it’s so subtle.

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      1. inhiscare753 says:

        Yes, Self Dealt is quite subtle it like an anesthetic administered unaware.

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      2. Hahaha well put.

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      3. inhiscare753 says:

        Thanks so much!

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  2. cgdtaylor says:

    Sound advice – I suspect I wait too often to be invited to do something rather than putting myself forward.
    Will I always be valued? Probably not, but I would have the satisfaction of knowing I made my willingness known.

    Often it is those that say least have the most important thing to say.

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    1. Keep working on your craft even if you’re mind is clouded with doubt or the uncertainty of the future.
      Don’t let failures amplify the darkness of self-doubt. They both work together and try to steal your dreams from you. Don’t let that happen.
      “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ― Suzy Kassem
      Embrace failures as it will only make you better if you learn from it. Your capabilities can improve whereas failure is just an event.


  3. cgdtaylor says:

    Reblogged this on Minutes for Christ and commented:
    Good advice to aspiring preachers…

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    1. Thank you for the reblog


  4. One-Recluse says:

    “To render someone ineffective,you don’t have to get them to change the core of their beliefs you just have to get them to doubt the validity of their beliefs” Very powerful quote and beautifully written article. I have been plagued with doubts my entire life so it is always good to read something encouraging and to know that others face similar fears.

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    1. Well I am glad you are aware of the doubts and working towards them. Good Luck.


  5. I so love your write ups. It really helps a lot: )

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    1. I am glad you like my posts. Keep writing and reading 🙂


      1. Yes sure! I will. 🙂

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  6. ess says:

    YES. Unfortunately, it’s an uphill battle. I AM up for the challenge, though.

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