Brain Fog – Overcome It

Uncertainty is a part of life. Agreed. But while I struggle everyday to make peace with it, I fail most times. Lack of mental clarity aka Brain Fog, cripples you and sometimes makes you dysfunctional. You are not mindful of what you are doing anymore.

Brain fog can be defined as “a state of mental confusion, detachment, and forgetfulness,” according to While not a technical term, “brain fog” is a term with which many people with depression identify. Now depression has many phases, it does not mean that you have given up all hope in life and want to end it. It is your body telling you to take care, delve into the sea of self care and be yourself because that is all that you can do.

In this article, I have shared some simply economical habits that we can practice everyday to reduce or prevent brain fog :

  • Eat foods that are right for your needs – If you aren’t giving your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs, your ability to think clearly and focus will diminish.
  • Learn to Control your stress and get the most out of it – Think about some of the things that you enjoy doing, and try to do them more often.
  • Use memory-strengthening exercises – Play “brain games”, which can help you sharpen a range of cognitive skills, from reading and comprehension to memory.
  • Learning to Cope – Maintaining healthy habits and journalling can both help you cope with the brain fog that accompanies certain medical conditions.
  • Medicines & Treatments – It might be very helpful to change the dose of your medication (if possible), or start doing memory – strengthening exercises while in chemotherapy.
  • Get Quality Sleep – Oversleeping or getting too little sleep could possibly be symptoms of a larger issue, but many people choose to avoid addressing their sleep problems, or simply neglect sleep altogether.

Take Care. Seek help if you are unable to do it alone.


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  1. Greats tips for preventing brain fog. It’s such a hard feeling to shake once you have it so it’s nice to know it can be prevented 😊

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    1. Yes indeed. It is an eye opener.

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  2. maylynno says:

    Most of the time it is tiredness and being overwhelmed by many things to do

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    1. Love it or hate it, physical activity can have potent effects on your brain and mood. The brain is often described as being “like a muscle”. Its needs to be exercised for better performance.bResearch shows that moving your body can improve your cognitive function.
      30–45 minutes of brisk walking, three times a week, can help fend off the mental wear and tear.


      1. maylynno says:

        Exactly! I have been doing it for years now, nothing beats a good workout.. thank u

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  3. sandymancan says:

    Your mindset is the key to life, take the will of wants for things! of irrelevancy, then the stress we bestow on ourselves with opinions of others adding irrationality.

    If today was your last day would any of it lead you to say it was worth what you paid, if not then why would you engage.

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    1. I agree. Everyday you are given many choices… Take the easy road, or the road uphill that leads to success. The uphill track is challenging yes, it is tough, it will push you to your limits, but in pushing you to your limits you will also find – if you only show your courage – it will push you to past perceived limitations to growth and success. You see nothing WORTHWHILE in this life comes easy. If it did, as the saying goes “everybody would do it… EVERYONE doesn’t do it. They don’t do it because it’s hard, because their standards are set by their peers because they lack the courage, because their mindset is stuck in the EASY ROAD.

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      1. sandymancan says:

        Hit the nail right on the head

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  4. Frank LaManna says:

    I’m wondering if serious car accidents can cause brain fog. I don’t know if I had brain fog but one day while sitting around the house, I had this amazing moment of clarity and clear mindedness. It felt like a pressure or something had just been released from my head. I never thought to think my mind wasn’t clear until that day.

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  5. Ishan says:

    Was a completely alien topic for me.
    Helpuf yet informative!!

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    1. Garima says:

      Hi Ishan, I am glad you liked it. It improves memory and learning ability. It also helps reduce the risk of gall stones and improve liver function. Research shows that it helps improve brain function and can prevent dementia. Thank you for stopping by.


  6. Sumita Tah says:

    Great post. My daughter often complains of clouds in her head, it might be a case of brain fog.

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    1. Garima says:

      Could be Sumita. It is worth checking that up.

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