Keys to a Good Life

To be happy and healthy does not require a lot of money or time – just a little desire and motivation. If you’re trying to lead a happier, healthier life, making the necessary changes is up to you. Start with the items on this list that appeal the most to you, and work some of the others into your life a little at a time. Keep a notebook and write about which changes you made and how they worked for you. When you get discouraged, read back over your entries to remind yourself of all you have accomplished.

Here is the list :

  • Foster Your Own Personal Growth – It all starts with the one in the mirror. Curb the negativity in you. Radiate yourself inward so that your positivity radiates the lives of others. Self – transformation is the biggest key to happiness.
  • Be Present in this Moment – Live your life to its fullest. Past is a good place to visit, but not a good place to live. And future is unseen, so let it be unseen. Live and enjoy your present instead of brooding over the last and the future.
  • Focus on Your Authenticity and Integrity – Face your worse of troubles with originality and persistent integrity. Your bliss of happiness is sure to follow, and your greatest triumph will contain the greatest quantity of you.
  • Turn your Goals into Daily Habits – It’s a process! Make your mind understand whatever the goal is, it is nothing but a daily practice of making small, diligent choices that add up in the long run.
  • Be Ambitious enough to Fail – May sound weird, but yes! Be ambitious enough so that even failure bows its head in front of you. If you fail, don’t cover, start to rectify the mistake with a new vigor, with a new zeal.
  • Choose to Push forward even when it Hurts – We fail, and rise up to fall again. Again rise up to fight back. Make this your life’s motto. Where other give up, you make the change by rising up. Happiness will follow you.
  • Rest your Ego and the Meaningless Comparisons – If you think you are better than the rest, you’d better take a rest. Don’t go for meaningless comparisons. You’ll climb much higher in life once you shed the burden of ego.
  • Help other when you’re Able – Make someone smile. That’s the biggest thing you could do in a day. Tell someone how special they are in your life, make your dear and near ones feel wanted in your life.
  • Spend time with those who Inspire You – Identify the real appreciator of your potential. Anyone who inspires you, is a precious friend and teacher. Surround yourself with them. Your lock to happiness is unlocked.
  • Let go off needless worries and old wounds – Take life as it comes to you. Being hurt is something you sometimes can’t avoid, but being continuously miserable is always a choice. Needless worries and past wounds must not overcome you.

What kinds of things make you happy? Do you have any tips you’d like to share that improve health and happiness?


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  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Yes always forgive those who hurt you the most. Great advice!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Letting go is the biggest achievement of self realisation.

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  2. Dragthepen says:

    Absolutely always a pleasure to read your blog. Inspiring. In a society where the negative seems to drown out the positive I am happy to see a ray of hope throught these powerful words.😊

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    1. Thank you. It is very essential for us to be positive everyday.


  3. jihenejiji says:

    I love reading your blog articles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jihen. It is quite inspiring for me to see that people like what I write.


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