Sunday Affirmations

Have you ever really thought about the power of the words “I am”? Even deeper, do you consciously realize the subconscious “I am” statements that you are holding about yourself? Think about that for a moment and, hey, be honest with yourself. What do YOU think of YOURSELF? What are you saying about who you are on a daily basis?

“Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life.” ~ Alex Noble

You have unlimited power and creativity. Your inner spirit knows this. You are your own biggest critic and the co-creator of your own life.  With that freedom, you have the immense power to decide who you are and who you’d like to become.  You have unlimited power and creativity. Your inner spirit knows this. Here are a few affirmations to fuel that inner spirit :

  • I am able to find positivity in every situation.
  • I create only positive thoughts and radiates positivity.
  • I am getting stronger and heal myself every day.
  • I am taking good care of my mental and physical health.
  • I am becoming a better version of myelf every day.
  • I am confident to overcome any hurdle.
  • I know my self-worth and I am worthy of the best.
  • I beleive in myself.
  • I am overflowing with happiness, joy, and satisfaction.
  • I choose happiness over doubt and fear.
  • I forgive myself and everyone else for all the mistakes.
  • I choose to release hurt and resentment.
  • I am a money magnet and attract money easily.
  • The universe is creating oppurtunities for me to earn more and more money.
  • I see success and abundance everywhere.
  • I am becoming more and more successfuly every day.
  • Every breath I take fills my soul with calmness and ease.
  • I am at peace now.
  • Today is the most beautiful day.
  • Today I lay the foundation for a wonderful future.

Your ultimate goal is to retrain your brain and subconscious, re-programming your mind to accept better, more positive beliefs. You have unlimited power and creativity – your inner spirit knows this. “I am” statements just affirm the truth of your nature. We are all truly powerful beings at heart. Remember that you are capable of doing anything – just try it!

11 responses to “Sunday Affirmations”

  1. Today is monday. I am sitting in my gloomy room, thinkinh about loneliness. Today is not a good day for me. I came across another one of your list of inspiring affirmations. I will make an effort to be in a better mood. Today is just one of those days😊. Thank you.

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