Going to the Dentist

Two visits per year to the dental chair fits the bill for most people. Smokers, diabetics, or people with chronic dental conditions (gingivitis, lots of cavities etc) might need to schedule appointments more often. Regardless of dental history, make a date with your dentist if you feel pain or anything out of the ordinary.

Here’s what to expect while visiting a dentist :

  • Visual check with nickel sized mirror including counting those chompers and looking at gums.
  • Checking teeth for cavities and decay with metal explorer tool.
  • Deep cleaning with metal hand instruments to remove tartar, polishing using a rotating rubber cup or brush with toothpaste that includes an abrasive and fluoride.
  • Discussion of at home treatments or tips on how to improve your daily routine.
  • X-rays if the dentist needs to evaluate or diagnose an oral disease or condition.
  • Fluoride treatment.

Look for a clean, neat and organised practice that is upfront about information like past dental history, payments and appointments. Ask questions because a good dentist will always explain a treatment or diagnosis.

Reference : https://lemonly.com/work/the-ultimate-guide-to-oral-health

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