Tips to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight


It can be tough to stay motivated when it comes to weight-loss and fitness goals. Why else do so many people make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year? If motivation flits in and out of your life, don’t worry—there are ways to make it a constant companion rather than a fickle friend.

Here are a few tips to stay motivated to lose weight :

  • Stop trying so hard – The problem with motivation is that the more people try to catch it, the more elusive it becomes. So if you notice that your motivation is waning, give yourself a break from your diet or exercise plan for one to three days.
  • Steer clear of super skinny models – The images of models discouraged the women by crating unrealistic self standards and made them feel like they’d never be able to achieve that look, so they stop trying.
  • Focus on a feeling – Motivation doesn’t always have to come before an activity. If you focus on how you feel each time you exercise, you’ll get all the benefits of burning calories, plus the reinforcement of remembering how good it feels to do it, which should increase your motivation to do more.
  • Body love – Stop self criticism because increases the stress hormone and can make you craving sweet and fatty food.
  • Social media – Make a weightless dairy and tracking your daily progress, photos, workout, food in social media. So you can document the changes in your body that you may not otherwise notice.

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  1. Taking a break for a day or two is a good practice. This has been a difficult week at work and by the time I made it home, I had no motivation to exercise. I pushed myself on Tuesday and decided to relax and give my body and mind a break. But when I went to exercise this morning, it felt so good! I felt like I could keep going, but wisdom said stop at a certain point…lol

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    1. GS says:

      If you notice that your weight-loss motivation is waning, give yourself a break from your diet or exercise plan for one to three days. The more people try to ‘catch’ it, the more elusive it becomes; by allowing it to run its natural course and at the same time having a set of habit-changing skills, you’ll stay on track and your motivation levels will run their natural course.

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      1. I normally will exercise two days on and one day off and then two days on and two days off. That would be a typical week for me.

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      2. GS says:


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  2. Riyam says:

    Lossing weight in a natural way, you have to have quite patient.

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    1. GS says:

      We need to be patient with life in general…haha..learning that myself.


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