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You say that an emotion is the mind’s reflection in the body. But sometimes there is a conflict between the two : the mind says “no” while the emotion says “yes”, or the other way around.

If you really want to know your mind, the body will always give you a truthful reflection, so look at the emotion or rather feel it in your body. If there is an apparent conflict between them, the thought will be the lie, the emotion will be the truth. Not the ultimate truth of who you are, but the relative truth of your state of mind at that time.

Conflict between surface thoughts and unconscious mental processes is certainly common. You may not yet be able to bring your unconscious mind activity into awareness as thoughts, but it will always be reflected in the body as an emotion, and of this you can become aware. To watch an emotion in this way is basically the same as listening to or watching a thought, which I described earlier. The only difference is that, while a thought is in your head, and emotion has a strong physical component and so is primarily felt in the body. You can then allow the emotion to be there without being controlled by it. You no longer are the emotion; you are the watcher, the observing presence. If you practice this, all that is unconscious in you will be brought into the light of the consciousness.

So observing our emotions is as important as observing our thoughts?

Yes. Make it a habit to ask yourself : What’s going on inside me at this moment? That question will point you in the right direction. But don’t analyse, just watch. Focus your attention within. Feel the energy of the emotion. If there is no emotion present, take your attention more deeply into the inner energy field of your body. It is the doorway into Being.

Reference : The Power of Now. Eckhart Tolle.

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  1. I may not understand this exactly but there is some great comprehension here, this gives me insight into my somewhat bi-polar episodes. I have to always remember to bring myself into the “here” since my marriage suffered some domestic violence issues. I am learning to blend and let go all in the same instances.


    1. GS says:

      Forgiveness is key. Apologies as its not my place to say and forgiving yourself and others is a difficult thing. But try for your own peace of mind.


  2. Manasa Kulkarni says:

    Superb! 🙂
    I highly wonder how your mind works for these kinds of topics. All your articles are beautiful manifestations.

    Keep it up 🙂

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    1. GS says:

      Hahah I am glad you like the posts Manasa. Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. Manasa Kulkarni says:


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  3. Belles Days says:

    As always, a post which helps to deal with difficult things and very insightful. Thank you again!

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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome Belles. I am glad you liked the post.


  4. clcouch123 says:

    This study is both challenging and practical. All too often, emotions are not valued and are in fact disregarded. But thoughts are clearly not all there is. Emotions are substantial, and they are a signal for the rest of the self. I’m figuring, based on what is said here, that awareness of both feeling and thinking is healthy.

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    1. GS says:

      Yes awareness is the key. Imagine looking at your thoughts and not attaching any feelings to them. What do you think will happen? They will lose their importance. Why? Because it was our feelings with you were giving those thoughts the power to make us happy or make us sad.


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