Daily Dose for the Soul

Guided Relaxation for Inner Listening

Do you know that inside of you, you have some very wise answers to all the questions you’ll ever have about your life? It’s true. Today we’re going to learn how.

Close your eyes and take in a very slow, deep breath. Now, exhale slowly. Keep breathing deeply and feel the cool air come in through your nose and flow all the way down to your belly. Feel your belly extend as you breathe in. Make sure your belly is going slowly in and out as you inhale and exhale. Every time we breathe, we should try to breathe like this, allowing the air to go all the way down to the belly, not just in the lungs. This relaxes your while body and keeps you feeling peaceful no matter what. It’s also the correct way to breathe.

Now as your continue to breathe deeply, turn your attention now to something else. I’d like you to listen carefully to all the quite sounds outside of you and happened all around you. You may hear outside noises, maybe cars, birds or something else, just listen to all the sounds, both faint and loud. (Pause). Now, let’s turn out focus inward. Listen very quietly to what you hear happening within your body. Can you hear your heart beating? (Pause). Can you hear your breath as you breathe slowly in and out? Maybe your tummy is even making noises. Whatever is going on insides, just take time to listen very carefully. Just pay attention to the sounds of your breath. It’s almost magical. Your whole body is alive and it’s this breath, among other things, that is keeping you alive. Allow the breath to fill up your while body and enjoy as the living energy of your breath goes into each and every cell, each and every atom of your body, just feel that and relax deeper.

Now listen even more closely, listen and pay attention if there are any feelings coming up right now..feelings inside of you that need to be expressed or talked about. Our feelings tell us a lot. When we are quiet and calm, we can tap into those feelings and listen even better. Maybe you’ll suddenly get an answer to a question you’ve had, or you’ll realise something you have been feeling all along.

It’s important that we take the time to listen to ourselves each and every day. It helps us connect with who we really are inside and is a very important part of growing up and knowing ourselves better. In this safe, quiet space we’re in right now, you can easily listen to what’s going on inside. Your thoughts and feelings really matter. You can trust yourself and your feelings. Next time you have a question on what you should do, just ask and then listen within for your answer. Open your eyes when you’re ready and give your body a big stretch.

Reference : https://www.greenchildmagazine.com/guided-relaxation/

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