Right Way to Layer Skin Care

Use your skin care products in the correct order to get the most benefits and less waste.

  • Cleanser – Start by cleaning skin with a gentle cleanser. If you’re wearing makeup, consider double cleansing or use a cleansing brush to really get all the makeup off. If you’re going to do a mask, be sure to do that right after cleansing.
  • Toner – Toner helps deep clean your pored and restore the ph level of your skin. You’ll really notice the difference when you find the right toner for your skin.
  • Spot Treatment – If you’ve got any blemishes you’d like to treat or use a light veil of a product. Anti-acne serum, not is the time to pat that evenly all over your skin. This will help treat and prevent more breakouts from the additional skin care.
  • Serum – You may be on the fence about trying a serum, but once you see the incredible changes in your skin, you’ll be hooked. Apply your serum now. Usually, just a few drops will be enough for your face and neck.
  • Eye Cream – Pat, pat, pat, your eye cream around your under area and around and up under the eyebrow. Consider using a different eye cream for day and night, based on what your skin needs.
  • Moisturize – Time to moisturise! Use a moisturiser that meets your skin’s needs, such as gel based moisturiser for oily or acne prone skin, or a rick moisturiser for dry skin. In the morning, you can use a morning moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to plump or one with SPF to skip step 8.
  • Oil – If your moisturiser doesn’t have SPF and if you need an additional skin oil for increased moisture, pat you skin oil all over on top of your moisturiser. This will create a seal over all of the skin care products you just applied so that they can really sink in.
  • SPF – Always, always wear SPF! Day or night, summer or winter, your skin can be damaged from the sun. Pat your moisturiser on top of your oil, unless it was in your day moisturiser cream.

Reference : https://www.ispyfabulous.com/how-to-layer-skincare/

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