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Uses of Neroli and Petitgrain

Neroli and petitgrain can both be used for such things as calming blends and skincare, but petitgrain is the more effective invigorating oil, while neroli is an exquisite love perfume.

Sensual Perfume – Use the hunting fragrance of neroli to create calming and sensual moods.

  • Bring romance into a relationship by replacing emails with scented love letters. Add a single drop of neroli to a letter before sealing it in an envelope.
  • Scent your bedroom with a seductive room spray by adding 5 drops each of neroli and ylang ylang to half a litre of water in a spray bottle.
  • Create your own refreshing eau-de-cologne with 2 drops each of lime and neroli, 10 drops each of bergamot and orange, 5 drops of lemon and 50ml of 100 per cent proof alcohol. Add 30ml of still spring water and leave to stand for a month before bottling.
  • Spend a romanic evening in front of an aromatic log fire. Add 3 drops each of neroli and jasmine to each log.

Refresh Your Mind and Body – Petitgrain is calming but also uplifting for both the body and mind.

  • Invigorating Massage – To refresh you and sharpen your senses – 4 drops petitgrain, 3 drops lemon, 2 drops basil, 25ml grapeseed oil.
  • Bath to Boost Body and Mind – For a zesty bath, add 3 drops of petitgrain and bergamot and 1 drop of grapefruit.

Using Nature’s Tranquilliser – Both Neroli and Petitgrain have exceptional tranquillising properties.

  • Shock Meditation – As a first aid treatment for shock, emotional trauma or panic attacks, add 2 drops of neroli oil to a handkerchief and inhale deeply until feeling calm.
  • For Meditation – Promote mental clarity and peaceful concentration during meditation or Yoga by adding to a room diffuser. 5 drops petitgrain, 4 drops cinnamon and 2 drops orange.

Soft Complexion – Petitgrain softens the skin, while neroli’s regenerative action helps its natural texture.

  • Refresh Your Skin – Add a couple of drops of petitgrain oil to a basin if water and splash your face.
  • Aromatic Yogurt Face Mask – Improve your complexion by applying 3 drops neroli, 3 drops jasmine and 2 tablespoons plain live yogurt.

Folklore – Like their scents, the folklore history of these fragrances is rich and exotic.

  • Neroli oil is named after the Italian Countess Anne Marie, of the kingdom Neroli, who perfumed her gloves with the oil of orange flowers.
  • Orange flowers mean “innocence” and symbolises the purity of the bride in Mediterranean wedding bouquets.
  • Petitgrain oil was at one time extracted from the tiny, green, unripe oranges hence the name petitgrain, or little grains.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e4/6e/97/e46e971a6ae8b9a69813cf29d3557c4e.jpg


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