Workplace Wellness Tips


Healthy employees help small business owners improve productivity in a variety of ways, from better attendance to increased performance. Study after study has documented the cost savings and increased benefits to employers when they institute employee wellness initiatives. You don’t need to be a large corporation with a big budget to institute a comprehensive employee wellness program that reduces your costs and boosts your profits.

Here are workplace wellness tips :

  • Walk and Talk – Turn meeting into walking meetings. You sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative. Or, take a break and go for a walk during lunch with your peers. You’ll return to work feeling refreshed mentally and physically.
  • Sneaky Steps – Sneak in extra steps when and wherever possible. Park your car in the furthest parking spot from the office, ditch the elevator and take the stairs, and stop by a colleague’s desk from time-to-time instead of sending one more email.
  • Snack Attack – Set a “Healthy Snacks Only!” policy for alls hared food items brought to the office. If you have an onsite cafeteria, work with your onsite foodservice provider to ensure healthy food choices are available. Consider subsidising employees healthy food choices.
  • Release Some Tension – Stretch in your chair : point and flex your toes, do wrist circles, stretch your neck side to side, roll your shoulders forwards and backwards. Just a minute or two can help you reconnect with the way your body is feeling and release some tension.
  • Take Mini Breaks – Use your calendar to help you stay balanced, and schedule a few mini breaks each day. Take just a few minutes out to stand up, stretch your legs, get a glass of water, take a few deep breaths and get out of your chair. Do a set of stairs while you’re up or walk over to visit a colleague across the office.
  • Play Day – Have some fun and play sports with your colleagues : organise an interdepartmental tournament, a tournament with a neighbouring company or organise a team to lay in a recreational sports league. e.g. volleyball, baseball, football.
  • Sweta For A Cause – Support an entry in a corporate team event or fundraiser such as bicycle relay, a 5k run or a walk. Create teams to compete against each other to see who can raise more money. You’ll feel proud ti support a good cause and become healthier in the process.
  • Drink Water – Bring back water coolers to promote hydration (& increase social interaction between co-workers) or provide filtered water or a water filtering jug for the refrigerator. Don’t forget to change the filters when required.

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  1. inspirechief says:

    I love these out of the box ideas to increase productivity. Great tips. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you. I am glad you liked it. Stay safe you too.

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  2. gpavants says:


    Being an online teacher instead of in the classroom this info is great. I will pass it on.

    Thank you,


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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Gary.

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