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Essential Oils to Use with Caution

As an essential oil user, one of your most important responsibilities is to be aware of the potential risks of using essential oils on certain people and at particular times.

Essential oils are beneficial to your health, but as concentrated plant essences they should be handles with care and used in small doses. If you have sensitive skin, check the contraindications before using oils, especially on children and people with skin conditions such as eczema. Allergy sufferers are generally more prone to intolerance, so do a skin patch test before using them on such people.

Times to avoid aromatherapy. Some oils are emmenagogues, affecting menstruation, or abortificants, and shouldn’t be used by pregnant women. It’s best to avoid oils when nursing, as traces may get into the blood and may be transmitted to the baby through the breast milk. If a person is ill, check contraindications first, as the last thing you want to do is worsen the condition by suing the wrong oil. Though generally safe, some oils should be used with care at certain times.

Problematic Constituents of Essential Oils

Some chemical constituents of oils can clause undesired effects, so always check the labels and look at the contraindications before using them.

  • Aldehydes – These can irritate skin and lower blood pressure, so use in small doses only.
  • Coumarins – These have a photosensitising effect and can cause skin pigmentation in bright and UV light.
  • Ketones – Research suggests these are toxic in high doses can can provoke epileptic reactions. They are also abortificants.
  • Lactones – Photo-toxic and skin sensitising, these can cause skin pigmentation.
  • Oxides – These parts of the oil can irritate the skin if present in large quantities.
  • Phenols – These constituents can adversely affect the liver if used in large doses and irritate nasal mucous membrane.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/474x/04/39/59/043959cbb1f3dffe3aab07fe4b0a376e–yl-oils-doterra-oils.jpg


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  1. Amen to that! Using quite a few a bit over a year ago, I had a systemic allergic reaction all over my entire torso, which is why I was applying the oils. I then joined a group of such wonderful people, 2 of whom I consider more friend then Admin now, and learned so much. With a friend deeply involved in selling and utilizing essential oils for many, countless different health benefits, including healing in a few ways, him watching what happened to me and me experiencing what happened to me, has changed my entire outlook on them. What’s concerning is that there are only 2 main sources/companies of “pure” essential oils recognized in the U.S., one far more recognized and working closer with medicine than the other. The oils are genuinely more pure than any other you’ll find, thus making them far more potent. The general public here’s pure and thinks “no additional additives or chemicals,” when in fact in this case, pure means much more potent. People using essential oils, with them being sold here, there and everywhere, from the 2 companies mentioned above and countless, literally countless whose names aren’t even known, not knowing about carrier oils, dosage size, researching ingesting before assuming ingesting is fine, not skin testing and the list goes on and on is oh so concerning. Equally as concerning as diverse and countless unknown companies are using small portions of essential oils (pure or not) in cosmetics, lip balms, soaps, skin care, shampoo, cleaners, air fresheners and so much more – all doing so without the consumer realizing there’s essential oils within them, or even knowing what an essential oil is.

    I have a strong belief in natural and plant based products; however, with the market becoming as saturated as it is with them, and many to most people having no idea at all, or know real idea, of what essential oils are, not to mention them not being regulated, it’s a kin to buying pharmaceuticals without a prescription or directions label. Concerning indeed.

    Good article! Kimberly

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    1. GS says:

      This is to heartening to read. I am so glad that more and more people are turning to essential oils to cure their infections.

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