You Need Courage To Change

Change can launch you into a new career, a new relationship, a new city, or even a new way of thinking. What you get changes when you change what you do. By saying no to the wrong things, you make room to say yes to the right things. Your future is shaped by what you say yes to. Saying no to something old allows you to say yes to something new.

Change is the only constant

You will be left behind by those who are willing to take risks and fail their way to a better future if you lack the courage to change. Failure isn’t quite the right word to use. Failure is frequently abused. People use the word failure to justify not trying something new. However, quitting and never trying again is failure.

You fell countless times as a baby while learning to walk. Try and fail. Try and fail again. That, however, was not the case. Did you eventually fail to walk, or did you learn to walk? You figured out how to walk like the rest of us.

Baby trying to walk

This is exactly what happened. Try. Learn. Repeat. Try, learn, and succeed. Find a new skill to learn.

The rest of your life should be the same. It took guts back then, and it will take even more guts now to try new things. Why? Because everyone around you gave you endless encouragement when you were learning to walk. And most of the time, if you fell, someone would pick you up. Learning as an adult is more difficult.

You will require two types of courage:

To begin, you must have the courage to launch, act, and take a leap of faith. You must have the courage to go “all-in” with no guarantee of success and a high likelihood of failure, at least in the short term.

Courage to launch

The second type of courage required is referred to as ‘courageous patience.’ This is the ability to persevere and keep working and fighting even after you have invested everything and have yet to see any results or rewards. Many people can muster the courage to take action toward a new goal, but when they don’t see immediate results, they lose heart and retreat to safety and security. They have no staying power.”

Change is the only constant. So build up some courage.

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  1. Hey, I like your blog, and your right. It takes courage to change. Do you practice meditation?

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    1. GS says:

      Thanks David. I am glad you liked the thoughts expressed in the post.
      Yes, I do meditate everyday. How about you?


      1. I am into meditation as well. I recently purchased a course that helps program your brain for health and success. So far I am loving it. It has helped me change the way I think about things. If you’d like to check it out, I’ll send you the link

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      2. GS says:

        Sure I would love to check it out. Do share

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      3. GS says:

        Thank you


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