Always Aim To Inspire Others


Many people fantasise about where they will live in the future: in a large house, a flashy car, an apartment surrounded by city lights in a big city fantasy, or a mansion next to a beach with beautiful white sand. They have cliche dreams about success, and they measure success by an exact amount; by something on the surface with no hidden values beneath.

But this is not the case in my case. Living in the middle of the millennial generation inspires me to dream bigger and think harder; artificial things are too shallow for me; I want depth, a huge depth more than just something that can be counted. I want to plant a brilliant seed in people’s minds, to instill values in them; all I want to do with my youth is to inspire. I want to devote my energy to igniting the flames of growth within someone; to recognise that each of us has something within that needs to be awakened.

I want to be the person who sees passion in everyone’s souls; I want to see it reflected in their eyes, as they speak about things they love todo. I want to light a fire inside someone else’s dim inner self; I want to be someone whose positive energy spreads to every corner of the room. I want to be the reason for someone’s epiphany; the realisation that s/he is as valuable as gold. I want to devote my time to igniting someone’s soul; they need to understand that they have an impact on their surroundings.

I want to be someone who will tell you the truth; that failures are unavoidable, but that they should not cause us to give up. I want to make them immortal, so they can always get back up if the world knocks them down. I want to be someone’s caffeine; to show them that hard work pays off in the end, and that everything they do will produce results, sooner or later. I want to be the reason behind someone saying, “I finally did it.” I want to be the golden sun rays that brighten people’s dark days. I want to bring them the wind that makes their eyes kaleidoscopic with tears.

I want to be their fireflies in the dark, guiding them in the right direction; I want to be their path just to survive. I want them to see galaxies within themselves, that they have a constellation of stars within them that could lead to a magnificent supernova. I want to be the person who is simply delighted to see someone else’s night sky filled with a glorious shooting star. I want to devote myself to speaking the truth through my actions and ensuring that people get what they truly deserve.

I want to be the person who turns on the light bulb inside someone else’s head; to be the source of their ideas, to be the spirit who inspires them to make their bright ideas a reality. I want to synchronise my own heartbeats with the people’s; to make them feel alive, to embrace every emotion they feel, to always make them true to themselves, to always be honest within ourselves. I want to be the person who breaks down someone’s wall; to make them brave enough to open themselves up, to make them vulnerable while knowing how to be stronger.

To be someone’s place to rest their jumbled minds, but also to serve as a reminder to start their race so they can cross the finish line. I want to be their music in their life, so they can dance towards this battlefield called life; I want to be someone’s favourite song, a mood booster and an escape from a bad day. I want to convey a message in everything I do, from the words I speak to the spaces and lines in my writings. I want to make a difference through the arts that I’ve created; through each move, smile, quirk, and giggle during difficult times.

I want to be a constant reminder to everyone that we are never alone. We are in this confusing life in our twenties together, and we will surely survive. I don’t want to be perceived as shallow; I want depth; huge depth that artificial things cannot provide. I don’t want anything artificial; all I want is to inspire.


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  1. Daaaaamn, in Mahatma Gandhi’s words when he was asked what his message to the world is…”my life is my message”…
    I want those things to…I not only want them I am becoming those things everyday….🍃

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    1. GS says:

      Absolutely 💯


  2. Lori says:

    Poetically profound, and you are doing all of those things. I know you’ve moved me many times. So many of these things you named, I’ve always wished to be throughout my life, which has been many years longer than yours.
    I find myself uncomfortable around “shallow.” Deep is the only way for me.
    You may already be familiar with this poem, but this post reminded me of The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It’s about going deep to learn about someone, instead of surface stuff like jobs, marriage, and kids.

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    1. GS says:

      Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing Lori. I am always grateful for you.

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  3. lee says:

    Reblogged this on Lee's Blog.

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  4. Your enthusiasm for life is a blessing to share with others. When we search life’s depths, we will likely find a nugget that few others have experienced.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for such kind words!

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