Signs You’re Divinely Guided Even When You Least Expect It

Even if you have to pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

  1. You’re Recognizing Signs and Messages
    My first wake-up call came when I kept seeing 7:11 on the clock in my car, and my spiritual journey has never been the same since. There are numerous other repeating numbers and synchronicities that appear when you are being guided towards a profound inner transformation. Have you ever had a situation in your life where something happens repeatedly in different places and at different times and you know it’s not a coincidence? Synchronicity is a common method of receiving messages and signs from Spirit. Synchronicity occurs when the universe within you and the universe outside of you align. It is an immediate form of universal validation and a sign that you are being divinely guided, and it can help you navigate most of life’s difficult moments if you pay close attention. You won’t miss important signs and messages if you’re divinely guided and in tune with the universe. Your message can be delivered by anyone or anything. Don’t get so caught up in the vessel that your message or sign is delivered that you miss the message. It could be something you hear on the radio or something you read that keeps you awake all night questioning everything. A strange-looking person says something to you that makes you consider how to improve your life. You are recommended to watch the perfect video, which removes all of your fears and restores your faith. You open your computer to find the article that assures you that everything is fine. The numbers tell you that you’re on track, and the animals that cross your path remind you that nothing is by chance. It’s a good idea to keep an open mind because signs will come from unexpected places and people. Messages and signs are creatively channelled through you to reach the intended recipients. Angel numbers, symbols, animals, songs, or whatever keeps appearing in your path could be leading you and others where you’re meant to go. Don’t get so caught up in the vessel that your message or sign is delivered that you miss the message.
  2. You Stumble and Fall But You Rise Again
    There are times when life feels like death. When thoughts make you feel like you want out. No matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to get better and you wonder if it gets worse. It gets worse. You lose your job. Your cheating partner cheats again, and you know it’s the last straw. You get into a car accident with no insurance coverage. The person you want isn’t interested in you and someone you love dies. You feel like you’ve fallen and hit rock bottom. But nothing is as it seems. When it feels like it’s all falling apart, it is, but it falls apart just to be put back together on solid ground. When the skies seem like it’s falling on top of your head, it forces you to open your eyes to search for the purpose behind it all. When it feels like everything is falling apart, it is, but only to be put back together on solid ground. When the sky appears to be falling on top of your head, it forces you to open your eyes and look for the meaning behind it all. Every experience divinely directs you to seek greater meaning. All of your experiences shape and prepare you for the rest of your journey, and the lessons you learn from them shape and prepare you for the rest of your journey. It fortifies you so that you can persevere in the face of adversity. You may stumble and fall, but you will always rise. When it feels like everything is falling apart, it is, but only to be put back together on solid ground.
  3. You are the bearer of the light that illuminates the world.
    A lightworker is a soul who comes to Earth to help humanity. They come to the planet on a service mission to help uplift and raise consciousness. They bring higher light and love codes to the planet. This is why a lightworker is always divinely protected. As a lightworker, you are constantly surrounded by angels because you carry something extremely valuable within you. You carry the light within you, and without it, the world is dark. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are being guided and protected. No matter what you are going through, no harm will come your way and no disaster will befall you. Angels are commanded concerning you to guard you in all your ways because you carry something more valuable than diamonds and gold within you. Troubles may come because of the light you carry, but you never have to go through it alone. You may face difficulties, but you are free of them all. You may collide with a rock, but you do not fall. You can step on serpents and scorpions, but they will not harm you. You are not afraid of the terrors of the night or the arrows that fly during the day. Because you are divinely protected, no weapon formed against you ever works. You enjoy the work you’ve been assigned and recognise the value of your contribution, no matter how difficult it becomes. You allow divine guidance to guide you on your journey, and everything works out for your highest good. The resources you require for your journey are always available when you need them. This is every lightworker’s heritage. As a result, never hide your light. Allow it to shine as brightly as it can in order to pierce every darkness and guide those who walk in the dark. Although difficult, the transformation and changes that are taking place within you will make you the brightest light.

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  1. This is beautiful and mildly relatable too. Thanks

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      Thank you Fauzia.

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    I believe in Guardian angels and you are one of them in my life!

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