What Others Think Is None Of Your Concern

Because our minds have adapted to the use of social media, it is all too easy for us to default into focusing on our image and what others think of us. We see others gaining more followers, likes, and friends based on what we see in their postsan edited image of who they truly are, highlighting their best assets while concealing any flaws. We are so concerned about whether or not someone likes us because we can see the numbers add up right in front of our eyes. Not only that, but it’s a natural instinct to want to be accepted by others. We still feel compelled to care what others think of our appearance, personalities, and success, whether or not we use a screen. So we work hard to gain as much affection from those around us as possible, and we wonder what aspects of ourselves need to change in order for that to happen.

The problem is that we forget to ask ourselves whether we like these other people or whether we like ourselves when we are with them. We start doing everything we can to make others like us instead of working on liking ourselves. Finally, you are confronted with the person you have worked so hard to become. This is why we must learn to stop caring what other people think. Not giving a damn about what other people think implies giving a damn about what you think. It entails acknowledging and valuing your own feelings rather than obsessing over what others are feeling which you can never be sure of anyway. It entails seeing your own greatness, which others may not see, and accepting it for what it is. We all have a place in this world, and if you feel like others are judging you and making you feel less than what you deserve, you should leave.

To stop caring what other people think, you must refocus your goals and accept that not everyone will fit into your success plan. Are they assisting you in your development? Are they motivating you to become a better person? Or do they simply highlight your flaws and make you feel bad about yourself? It should not be your goal in life to please others. It should be about discovering and pursuing your life’s purpose. Which, in a way, will make those around you feel quite uneasy—especially those who aren’t quite sure what they’re doing themselves. Because they aren’t strong enough to admit they haven’t found theirs, you will chase them away with your self-awareness and passion. Don’t let their ideas bring you down to their level. By being yourself rather than what others expect of you, you attract what is truly meant for you in relationships and in life. You’ll notice that your cubicle is suddenly too small, or that the image you’ve been painting of yourself is actually built by hands that are not yours.

When you don’t care what others think, you begin to attract those who have also found their way and have decided to stop putting effort into pleasing others. You will collaborate on the important things: saving the world, starting a business, falling in love, learning new things, and taking care of yourself. When you concentrate on these objectives, the judgmental voices of others seem to quiet down because the voice in your head grows stronger and more powerful. You suddenly understand what you’re doing and why, making the opinions of others irrelevant.

You have more to show the world, and you can’t let anyone take that away from you. Whether you’re goofy, wild, or just plain odd, this is exactly what the world needs. Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t tell yourself to relax. Don’t let yourself be tamed. You are made up of all of these unique experiences, collective thoughts over time, a meeting of atoms—each one specifically bonded to form the individual that you are. Can you imagine forcing yourself to be someone else? It will not work. It will begin retracting, repelling all that is meant for you because every ounce of your body knows you are not exposing the truth of who you are. And it is far worse than having someone dislike you.

You have a goal that is far more important than making others like you. When you realise this, it becomes much easier to disregard what they think.

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  1. Jony says:

    Love this! Straight forward 🤗
    Worrying about what others think will slow you down or even destroy your dreams, focus on yourself and your growth is what matters.

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    1. GS says:


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