Guide To Earning and Achieving Power

“A good man is not a harmless man. “A good man who has that under voluntary control is a very dangerous man.”
Jordan Peterson’s
Dangerous people fall into two categories. Some people directly harm others (such as thieves, thugs, or rapists), while others have the knowledge and power to do whatever they want and decide to use it to their advantage. Many people are mistaken about who they should fear. The first type of dangerous person is simple to manage. The government is aware of who they are and has the authority to control them through rules and imprisonment.

The second, on the other hand, is more difficult to manage. They have the ability to destabilise a government and alter public opinion. We pay attention to powerful people because we believe they have the ability to effect change. And we want to know who has power over us. People in positions of power can influence others’ behaviour, change rules, and have a large impact. In this article, I’ll show you five simple ways to become a dangerous human being and gain control over yourself and others.

You have complete control over how you (and others) react to everything. – Allowing others to trigger your emotions gives them power over you. A person who is able to control their impulses and does not react immediately to attacks or situations is dangerous because no one knows what can impact them and thus no one knows how to control them. When you learn to understand how others react to various situations, you have the power to influence them by making them react to something. For example, you know that receiving flowers in the morning puts your boss in a good mood and makes him accept anything, and you want more holiday time. What do you think you should do to ensure that he is pleased when you approach him with your request? Send him flowers.

Learn how to earn people’s trust. – Understanding how people react to different situations is important for knowing how to win them over. The preceding example demonstrates how knowing your boss’s reaction to something that makes him happy can help you win a holiday. When you know how to earn people’s trust, you’ll be the first person they think of when they have something good to give, and they’ll usually be happy to help you out in any situation. Most resources will tell you that learning how to earn people entails giving them what they want and being there for them when they need something. It also helps a lot to treat them with respect, regardless of who they are.

Don’t show your life to others unless you’re making money from it. – Many people enjoy sharing their lives on social media. However, unless you have a private account with only your family and loved ones who want to hear about you all the time or are earning money with it, there is little benefit to showing what you are doing or what is going on with you. This is because people can use everything they know about you to their advantage, and knowing enough about someone makes it easier to control them. Even Google, Twitter, and Facebook use everything they know about you to serve you ads that are relevant to your interests. And they know that because you have given them the authority to do so. When you’re difficult to find, you’re also difficult to control. As a result, you become a dangerous person to anyone seeking power over you.

Demonstrate confidence even if you lack self-esteem. – A person who is insecure and has low self-esteem is easy to control. That’s because they think they don’t have control over their lives or what happens to them and think they can’t do big things like others, so they expect others to guide them. But, while everyone has insecurities and things they wish they could change about themselves, you must control how you present yourself to the world. Others will see your low self-esteem as an opportunity to control you if you show the world how bad you feel about yourself and your abilities. Nobody can harm you if you are aware of your weaknesses but present yourself as a person in control of his life and decisions.

Make an investment in yourself. – We’ve all heard the expression “knowledge is power.” The more you understand something, the more control you have over it. As a result, investing in yourself gives you more power over everything around you. Many of us have heard conspiracy theories about how the government intends to keep us in the dark. The reason for these ideas is that the less someone knows about something, the less power they have over it. If I don’t know maths, I have no choice but to believe a president who says 2+2 equals 5. However, knowing that 2+2 equals 4 prompts me to question who I have in power and to seek a change. Something that helps me put this into practise on a daily basis is simply not expressing an opinion without first reading about it for at least 15 minutes. If I’m going out with a group of friends, I research common social topics that I know they’ll be able to discuss in order to maintain control of the conversation. Others admire and respect people who speak confidently and demonstrate knowledge of the subject at hand.

Last thoughts
You are dangerous when you have complete control over your life, thoughts, and actions because others cannot exploit you. The more you know about something, the more control you have over it, so find a way to meet people while only telling them what they need to know about you. Invest in yourself, in your knowledge, in your opinions, and in your health. You will have complete control over what others want for you, and you will have the opportunity to consider what is best for you. Everyone experiences insecurities. People can use them against you if you show them as a weakness; however, if you are aware of them but show yourself to be self-confident, others will not be able to use them against you.

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    From my perspective, with regards to control; more is less.

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    Amazing content.

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