Things That Negatively Influence Your Subconscious Mind

Manifesting is actually a form of energy management. Achieving your goals and consciously creating the life you want requires you to take control of your energy and remove everything that drains it. The following are six factors that have a direct impact on your energy and may be negatively influencing your subconscious mind. And you might not even be aware of it.

  1. Music
    Music has a powerful influence on your subconscious mind. The sounds and lyrics you listen to, whether you realise it or not, are hypnotising you, programming your subconscious, and influencing your mood.
    What you can do: Go through your music collection and think about the lyrics. Do you want to imprint the messages in these songs on your subconscious? Choose music that makes you feel good!
  2. The Food You Consume
    The energy we carry in our bodies and release into the world is always the result of how we nourish ourselves. High vibration = clean and nutritious food. Toxic to your vibration are processed ingredients, added sugar, and fried foods. What you can do: Eliminate all unnatural, processed rubbish from your diet, as well as any foods that cause inflammation. This alone will increase your vibration by tenfold.
  3. What You Wear
    Clothing and jewellery contain energy. That same outfit from ten years ago that you still wear has absorbed all of your past memories’ energy. The same can be said for the earrings your ex gave you for Christmas two years ago. What you can do: Organize your wardrobe and drawers. Anything associated with a difficult period in your life or that may be carrying negative energy should be discarded or donated.
  4. Information and Social Media
    It’s all designed to get you to react in some way, whether it’s the news on TV or social media. And it’s usually out of fear or anger. These outlets are designed to divert your attention and disconnect you from yourself. What you can do: Unplug after a certain time in the evening to take a break from the news and social media.
  5. Complaining and gossip
    When you hear people gossiping, complaining, or having a pity party, that’s your cue to flee. This energy is contagious, and if you come into contact with it, you will become infected. Victim consciousness suffocates your ability to manifest.
    What you can do about it: Set a goal for yourself to not gossip or complain, avoid people who do, and stick to it tenaciously.
  6. Sleeping With The Television On
    Aside from affecting your sleep quality, any sounds from the television penetrate your subconscious mind. While you’re sleeping, your mind is highly suggestible, so that murder mystery playing in the background isn’t helping you. What you can do: Turn off the TV 20 minutes before going to bed. If that isn’t an option, listen to positive affirmations or binaural beats through headphones.

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  1. Ar.Jenita says:

    That’s a great insight to be aware of. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you liked the post

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