A Letter To Mansplainers

I’m not sure if you believe I am incapable of knowing anything because I am a woman, because I am in a position inferior to yours, because I lack a fancy degree, or just because I am not you. But if I’m the one doing all of this work, could we simply pretend as if I knew the very minimum of the fundamentals of how this work is carried out?

If you could just give me a little assistance here… Surely you can’t…

  1. Suppose you are the first person in the entire world to be aware of what you have just read. It doesn’t necessarily follow that no one has been performing this duty because you weren’t the one to do it. Just because it’s novel to you doesn’t imply it is for the person who has certifications in this area and has been working alone on this project in this same building for years. It also gets tiring entertaining yourself as you explain that there “may be restrictions concerning this,” much like it gets tiring entertaining a child as they explain to you for the 17th time how the wheels on their plastic truck operate.
  2. Tell me what you discovered after reading the details I provided in my article. I assure you that I have heard those remarks before if you are repeating what I wrote. If all of your brilliant insights are just quotes from the literature, they won’t seem so brilliant. Please just offer some original views or anecdotes to the discourse if you want to chat about it.
  3. Ask questions that have already been addressed in the email body and include the answers in your reply. Have you not noticed that I’m copying and pasting my answers to your inquiries from below in this sixth response? It is much simpler to receive information in pieces throughout the course of a 45-minute email chat as opposed to receiving it all at once in a perfectly ordered and bulleted letter. And what precisely am I supposed to respond to when you inquire as to whether I’ve thought about something that was expressly covered in the first message? Likewise, if you enquire about my opinion of a suggestion you made, the suggestion itself not your notion in the slightest was actually the goal of the question you are replying to.
  4. Send a new email with your name on it to a group of people that says exactly what I said in an email to the same group of people 30 minutes earlier. What exactly are you thinking about? So, what is the reasoning behind this? Are you attempting to show off your power? This conveys a lack of assurance and a grasping attitude. Are you attempting to explain? You did, after all, use exactly the same phrases, so probably not. Did you believe I sent you a sample of what to say but you missed the fact that it was intended for the entire group? It seems improbable considering that you obtained the list of individuals to add to the group from my email. Is it just unenforceable if it came from me, what is it?
  5. Give me an example of anything you were taught to do (wrongly), correctly. In actuality, I also wrote the guidelines, the procedure, and the policy for that task. Despite the fact that I respect your commitment to quality, I’ve reached the point in my life where I can no longer continue to stroke your frail ego while you debate what the instructions actually say.
  6. I’m the one who edits and proofreads all of your writing, so please explain common, elementary grammar errors to me. I am aware that you are quite talented and hold a doctorate. Wow, how are you doing? But, you are the one who sends me your documents to edit and proofread. Really, I don’t need you to tell me what nouns and verbs are. I am also aware that the file is in Word format. We all use Word, despite the small Word logo on the file, after all. All we have is Word. This business only makes use of Word for word processing. In addition, I created the template for this paper in Word and gave it to you.
  7. Ignore me completely, as if I didn’t exist, and then interfere with my work, causing a mess that I’ll have to clean up when you try to convince my employer that I’m mismanaging things. I really have a lot of work to do. Why don’t you go choose a lollypop from my desk and take a break at your desk in a faraway place?
  8. In meetings, interrupt me or speak over me so you may say something like, “I can take this over. Once, while I was in middle school, I charged $10 to mow the neighbor’s lawn. I was currently discussing this subject. You might have offered to take this over before I started, which would have saved me a tonne of time. You’d have to do more work as you’d have to conduct study to understand what I already know from doing this work for several years, but you wouldn’t have to deal with the thought of someone like me having any knowledge.
  9. Do not invite me to meetings when you are discussing issues pertaining to the region that I oversee on my own. I’ve already told you that I’m exhausted, look. You recently convened a meeting with all the guys in the building to try to decide what to do about this situation, about which none of you know the slightest thing. not even the slightest thing. You don’t even know enough as a group to realise there is information to know. You came up with a complicated, unlawful, pricey, risky method to solve a problem that has already been resolved. Indeed, I am fully aware of the problem you have envisioned; three years ago, I presented the problem and its solution. It has been controlled So well That you didn’t even know it was happening.

Listen, I don’t have the energy to lean in, step up, battle bigotry, or do anything else I’m expected to in your phoney meritocracy to earn your respect. I’m out. Peace.

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