Your Circumstances Are Influenced By Your Thoughts

“Keep in mind that your state of consciousness affects how you perceive the environment.” [Eckhart Tolle]. Are you content with the circumstances you currently find yourself in? Do you feel satisfied with your general purpose in life, work, relationships, and health? I am aware that these are challenging inquiries since they call for an open examination of our own self. We risk being swept away by our unconscious wants if we don’t take the time to consider our existing circumstances. Everything in our existence is influenced by our awareness and consciousness. This gives us more power because, among other things, if we don’t like what appears, we may alter our ideas to bring about different situations.

Have you ever been in a circumstance that forced you outside of your comfort zone, such as when a relationship ended suddenly or when you weren’t given a promotion at work? Despite the situation, you might have felt like a victim and thought that life was working against you. And given that we are the very essence of life, how can life be against us? Why would life purposefully harm us? Life: internal to us or external? And why would the intellect that gave us life wish to cause us misery and suffering? These inquiries help us recognise that we are more at odds with ourselves than with life. Maybe our thoughts play a part in the way things are? As within so without is a Hermetic proverb that I frequently say since it perfectly sums up how we build our own reality. Whether we like it or not, the innermost thoughts we have will eventually manifest in our life.

Improve the lens through which you view reality.
There are both a lot of negative and a lot of positive seeds in our consciousness. The rule is to find and water the good seeds every day while avoiding watering the negative seeds. [Thich Nhat Hanh]. All of our thoughts are housed within our consciousness. Everything we have ever thought, felt, or experienced about the world is included within it. It is the culmination of our happy and sad childhood memories. Adults’ conscious awareness and memory bank allude to the experiences we’ve had because they’ve been permanently engraved on the mental canvas. Our mind does countless computations, much like a supercomputer, to determine whether our present experience is consistent with what we already know to be true. Truth in this context refers to references to prior experience rather than necessarily The Truth. This suggests that you may have had a bad experience in the past that your consciousness now perceives to be your reality. If it reappears, your consciousness is already familiar with it since it lacks the ability to directly experience good or unpleasant experiences without the addition of meaning from your conscious mind.

Are you comfortable with this idea that life happens at the level of your consciousness? You must, because what we believe manifests in our lives, because thoughts become things, and what we think about manifests in our lives. It is for this reason that healing can be a long and exhausting process that can last years, if not decades. For example, healing requires peeling back the layers of conditioning to shift to a higher level of consciousness. We can’t rush the workflow any further than we could ever ask a 9-month-old child to run when it is still learning to walk. The child will develop this ability at their own pace and no two children are alike. When we are ready, we acquire a better filter to view reality. The same process occurs throughout our consciousness. It is for this reason that we frequently reflect on the past and question why we had a particular reaction to an experience, such as the end of a relationship. The pain may have been too much to endure, but ten years later, our memories of it have diminished. Have you ever gone through this in your life, whether it be in a relationship, your job, or another circumstance? No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that it was created, according to Albert Einstein. I appreciate the quote’s simplicity and depth because consciousness underlies everything.

The level of thought I had when I wrote these words ten years ago is not the same level of thought I have now. Like you, I have overcome boundaries, obtained new experiences, and learnt new things.
In light of this, use the following exercise to take a close look at your existing reality. Organize your life into the following seven categories:

  • The Connections in My Life
  • Finances
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Career
  • Views & Attitudes
  • Emotions

Write down what is happening in your current experience under each category, then rate it from 0 to 10. 10 being highly desirable and zero being unattractive. You should spend 10 minutes on the exercise, which will offer you a picture of your current state of consciousness. Every six months, give the exercise another go to gauge your progress. As you develop personally, you should notice that those life areas score higher. In the long run, we need to be conscious of what is going on inside our minds if we wish to change the future. Given your awakened consciousness, I can guarantee you that the more conscious awareness of your ideas you have, the greater your capacity to create a profoundly enriched environment.

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  1. Garima, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Moments of self-reflection help us to see our journey through a lens that is capable of looking backwards as well as forward. Our past teaches lessons to apply for today as we look forward to each tomorrow.

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    1. GS says:

      Reflective thinking also makes your knowledge more visible and helps you become more aware of your assumptions, values and views of the world that subconsciously influence your actions. Such increased self-awareness is an key prerequisite for changing your behaviour.


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