All The Lovers We Have Ever Had

There are four different kinds of partners who frequently come our way. There may be several lovers in the same category that we encounter. They may also change categories within a short period of time. Timing is the key factor in everything, though. Typically, when a relationship doesn’t work out, we blame the other party (or possibly, at ourselves). But, the truth is that nobody is at fault; sometimes all we can do is believe. I’ve never before had such a strong belief in the power of time.

I am thankful for every single person I have met as I reflect on my history. They are all metal rings that are connected by a chain throughout my life, whether they remained or left, and the chain wouldn’t be complete without one of the rings. In the past, I had trouble figuring this out. My personal pain obscured the facts, and I failed to see the wider picture. Timing is everything. Every individual we come into contact with alters us in some manner, but our loves frequently force the most significant changes in our life. The cause is there, even if we can’t see it right away; it appears when we’re ready.

The four categories of lovers we run into are as follows:

  1. The proper person in the incorrect situation. It may be both wonderful and heartbreaking to find the right individual at the bad time. Everything seems to be too nice to be true. The person feels like the proper fit for us, and there is an irrefutable connection between us. The only thing that is off, though, is the timing. It’s as if the universe has given us the final piece of an almost finished puzzle. In an effort to solve the puzzle, we repeatedly hit the wall. We come to the conclusion that the missing piece won’t be found sooner or later. Perhaps one of us is not prepared, or perhaps the circumstances are not in our favour. In spite of the fact that we must let this “right person” go, we nevertheless carry a part of them with us. That kind of partner inspires the best in us and exemplifies what true love is. They serve as the model for all other lovers we encounter in life. Even though we can’t find them, we keep looking for the same emotion they inspired in us in new loves.
  2. The incorrect party at the incorrect time. When we enter the incorrect kind of relationship, it’s usually toxic or harmful. The fact that time is working against us makes this union even more unhealthy. But it’s the incorrect lovers who are primarily responsible for the internal changes that take place. The perfect person can bring forth our best qualities, but the wrong person might bring out our worst. So that we may see our actual hues, they peel off our outer covering.
    Because of how difficult this partnership is, our flaws and suppressed emotions become apparent. It is essential for our spiritual development to confront our evil side. Having said that, we’re shaken up when the wrong person shows up at the wrong time and we are never the same person after meeting them.
  3. The wrong individual at the ideal moment. We frequently run into the wrong person at the perfect time after running into the aforementioned (but it’s not a rule). When we are ready, these partners enter our lives, but time works against them rather than in our favour. It seems as though the cosmos is still looking for the component we are so eager to find. It’s important to meet the wrong person at the right time because it will test how ready we are to receive the correct person when they arrive. They reaffirm the sense of worth we have developed over the years and boost our self-assurance.
  4. The ideal party at the ideal moment. We comprehend why prior relationships have failed when the right person appears at the appropriate time. The missing piece of the puzzle is suddenly placed in its proper location by the universe. Sometimes the proper person who arrived at the incorrect time returns at the appropriate moment; frequently, they may even be a completely different person. We learn more about timing when we meet the right person at the right moment. We understand that the universe doesn’t follow our timetable. In the centre of the cosmos is an unlimited intelligence, but in order to access it, we must have faith in it.

There is a time for everything, but only if we are patient, is the most important lesson we can take away from meeting the perfect person.

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  1. Interesting read😊

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you liked the post

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  2. Keith says:

    I really liked this. It was nice to reflect on this idea, & i would have to agree. Your words about the first type of lover helped me to realize to let go of regret & take those experiences for what they are, & what they have offered. thank you. very insightful stuff.

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    1. GS says:

      Each stage of our life brings new challenges and opportunities to master specific tasks, to gain new skills, to explore new facets of ourselves, and to learn about who we are in relation to others and to the world we live in. Often, there is pride in our achievements and in the way we accomplish our goals. In that case, letting go and moving on feels good. When we feel content with how our life is unfolding, it’s easier to let go and be open to whatever turns up next for us.

      Thank you for reading my post.

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