Uncommon Strategy For Writing For A Living

There is such a shortage of qualified writers. Why not give these uncommon methods for writing for money a shot? Writing for a living online can be a rewarding and original way to supplement your income each month. I’ve tried both mainstream and niche methods of monetizing my writing. You can give the following a shot.

  1. Write obituaries for a living – Although it’s not the most glamorous job there is, someone has to write obituaries, right? You, why not? As someone recently told me, you could write obituaries for families in your town if you’ve been honing your writing abilities for years and have a way with words. An eloquent, heartfelt obituary can aid in appropriately saying goodbye to a person. You’ll probably need to sit down with family members and ask them about the deceased person’s life. Alternatively, you could request to receive the material online via email or social media. By setting up a business page on your favourite social media platform, you can begin marketing your services. Making a few sample obituaries could be helpful so that people know what to expect.
  2. Compose PLR Content Again and Sell It. – You may not be familiar with PLR if you are new to the concept of wholesaling. Private label rights are abbreviated as PLR. It’s content that you can use, adapt, and sell. I’ve done it with two different eBooks, but I discovered that the editing simply takes too much time. There is a lot of PLR content out there that is pretty poorly written.
    Making your own PLR website and adding high-quality PLR content that people (like me) would be willing to pay for would be an alternative to this. Visit some PLR websites to see what kind of content is available. Visit some PLR websites to see what kind of content is available. IDPLR.com was the first website I tried, and it contains a lot more content than many other websites of a similar nature. It’s quite nice that you can purchase lifelong membership for a single cost. Instead of paying for three months of access, I should have done that.
  3. For one obvious reason—boring—technical it’s writing isn’t one of the most popular types of writing for money. Generally speaking, that is. I tried it, therefore I’m not criticising it. And it was certainly not for me. I enjoy using my words creatively and freely, and technical writing does not allow me either. The majority of the time, technical writing involves writing instructive content. guides, instruction booklets, and manuals. You see what I mean. If you’ve ever opened a new product and discovered instructions inside, you should be aware that technical writers wrote the instructions. More power to you if you believe you can do that without becoming bored (God help me, I can’t). Go acquire the job you want in technical writing.
  4. For the medical industry, write. – Although medical writers can earn a lot of money, few authors choose to work in this niche of the writing profession. Very likely because you need to be familiar with a lot of medical jargon and terminology that the common person simply doesn’t understand. Compared to other businesses, including marketing, which is my area of expertise, the medical writing sector faces significantly less competition. But, if you work in the medical writing field, you could be able to contribute to publications like The American Journal of Medicine and The New England Journal of Medicine. Possessing credentials in the medical sector is advantageous. You can tell if someone is a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse, or another kind of medical expert. Make a list of the periodicals and publications you wish to submit to, then start coming up with ideas.
  5. Create commercial jingles. If you’re lucky, you might be able to land a highly well-paid controversial writing job producing jingles for advertisements. You could write jingles for advertisements if you’re constantly able to come up with concepts for quick songs. Please be aware that business in the commercial jingle sector can be rather erratic. So before continuing, psychologically get ready for that. You can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $89,000 a year writing commercial jingles. To acquire some ideas and identify your favourites, listen to some commercials. Then, enquire with their advertising firms to see if they require assistance in writing commercial jingles.
  6. Writing in Science – Do you have a science background? Writing for periodicals and scientific journals could earn you some money. Although it’s less glamorous than writing for Cosmopolitan or The New York Times, it can pay more. In my experience, the less well-known journals—particularly trade journals—tend to pay more than the big periodicals. Writing for scholarly publications like Scientific American could provide some extra income if you don’t mind writing about what you do all day.
  7. Writer of adult content. – If you have never explored the world of pornographic content, you might not be aware that there are careers in this field. Yet, there is adult content that needs to be written, just like with adult videos. For sex goods, sexual short stories, adult video screenplays, and blog entries on adult content, among other things, people need product descriptions.
    Ask business owners who offer adult products or services if they might be interested in your services. You can look up writing positions at adult content businesses and apply there.

Bonus Content –

Although this is a different kind of job from the one I was looking for to write about, I came across it while surfing Indeed. Similar to the person Devi on Netflix’s Never Have I Ever believed could assist her in getting into Princeton. He owned a company that assisted wealthy youngsters in enrolling in Ivy League colleges. The same thing might be done for a fee. Decide if you’ll provide college essay writing assistance or if you’ll merely teach them how to write better essays. The latter is morally preferable. With a few extras, you can start a side business. Do you find any of these concepts appealing? Do you possess any? Comment below and let me know. And, feel free to distribute this of you liked the post.

Hi, I’m Garima and I write about life experiences. I have several books available on Amazon. Check them out today! Any purchases or KDP reads will be greatly appreciated. If you like my books, do leave a review. Here’s my author page on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0BQDZXYNV

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Plenty of sound advice. However: somehow I could make absolutely no money out of my writing ever. You know me since 2015. I doubt if i am ever going to make money via writing. That’s not to say your article doesn’t resonate with me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      I can understand where you are coming from. We need to keep doing what we enjoy doing is what I believe in.


  2. Emmy Bourne says:

    Gotta say I found the adult content interesting. I used to be a singer songwriter then I realised it’s just about writing. Im trying to make it a career and it really amused me to be tell people ‘I write for the adult entertainment industry.’ 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Hahah it’s an unpopular way of making a living out of writing but if one enjoys writing such content, why not!!


      1. Emmy Bourne says:

        I’m not sure I’d enjoy it but I’m a stay at home mum and money is money! It’s also writing and I can do it from home 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

      2. GS says:

        Makes sense. I wish you good luck for your writing journey!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Emmy Bourne says:

        Thank you very much 😊 Thank you for liking my work

        Liked by 1 person

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