Your Abundance Frequency

Although they are sometimes associated, wealth and money are not directly related. It is amazing how frequently our degree of plenty and financial wealth are out of sync. The opportunity to accomplish whatever it is that makes you happy is what abundance is, not a certain sum of money. One of the main ways we express ourselves is through our level of abundance. To express your connection to the inherent freedom of your being is to be bountiful. The feeling of isolation and limitation is expressed by the perception of lack. To sense your inner strength to be free within the world and to impact it, you must first allow your intrinsic abundance.

Money by itself cannot buy freedom and may even serve as a prison. The term “abundance” refers to a plentiful flow of energy that can take the form of things like chances, cash, assistance, synchronicities, and love. These dimensions of being imply a wonderful freedom to do anything you want to accomplish and be who you want to be when they come from plenty. They also stand for the possibility of significant change as a result. We define our narrative based on a belief in our own condition of lack, be it a lack of money, freedom, or love.

We frequently discuss about the things we would accomplish if only we were wealthy. We use lack as a rational defence for not pursuing our goals, for continuing in unhappy circumstances, or for not being content. A person’s definition might soon include an emphasis on lack, which has the potential to be very strong. Even while we may think that lack is miserable, it also keeps our life predictable and comfortable. Fear of the unknown (of uncontrolled change) is kept at bay by lack. Suffering can be dependable, comforting, and reliable.

As opening the flow of abundance has previously been employed to maintain you in a safe place, doing so poses a serious challenge to your identity. It involves releasing the brake and allowing all the changes you have been putting off because you thought your lack of action rendered them impossible. An acceptance of wealth will bring about changes, while a belief in lack is opposition to such changes. Abundance and the way reality unfolds go hand in hand; they both represent fluidity and change. These are rivers with uncontrollable currents. Realising they are secure despite your inability to manage them is what it means to let them into your life.

It is safe for you to let go of the reins of control and let life’s river carry you. One common obstacle to trusting oneself with prosperity is the use of abundance’s empowerment in destructive ways in the past. You will have the flexibility to accomplish whatever you desire thanks to the abundance that can come into your life. It will therefore emphasise the polarity of your story. As a result, both the parts of your life where you produce happiness and the parts of your life where you create misery will grow. One strategy used by people with addictions to manage this aspect of their being is scarcity.

With unlimited freedom and abundance, the potential to shatter your story becomes more immediate for addicts (of which the majority of us are, in one way or another). This demonstrates that a lack of abundance is not a mistake; rather, it has significance. Your degree of abundance is sending you a message. You will welcome the transformation that message represents if you give yourself permission to hear it. The transformation you are avoiding will be carried by your abundance. Realising the message allows you to see how your lack of abundance has actually benefited you.

Stop rejecting your experiences of deprivation in order to realise how it has benefited you. To understand that being poor is not an error. You haven’t been targeted by poverty. Because it has been helpful to your story in some manner, you have selected lack. It might have been keeping you from engaging in self-destructive behaviour, quitting your work, or isolating yourself. You may have used poverty as an excuse to avoid facing your anxieties or the realities of realising your dreams. It might have involved forcibly binding you to someone you are reluctant to leave. You may have been forced to work long hours because you did not want to deal with your personal life. You may realise your value as a direct result of having felt useless in the past. It can just be demonstrating your belief that poverty is the norm. Regardless of the cause, Because of your views, you are the one who has been causing all the lack in your life.

Listen to the message of your lack so that your reality can change and your abundance can flow. Recognize that it will alter reality in ways that are out of your control. People frequently request that their reality largely remain the same but now have more money. The flow of abundance cannot be managed in this manner. A lack of control stops abundance. You cannot control how much abundance enters your life. Freedom is found in plenty, and control aims to stifle it. It won’t work to have a list of things you want to keep the same and a list of things you want to alter. Your life will change in unexpected ways as a result of money. You cannot anticipate or plan for this energy. Both new things and people leaving your life will result from it. Pure and simple, plenty is uncontrollable change. Understand the distinction between needing and wanting change. If you want abundance, be open to change without trying to control it or predict how it will impact you. See it as the energy of transformation, independence, and liberation. To relinquish control and let your innate abundance appear, feel this in your being.

Letting go of how you view yourself and your reality is a state of plenty. To experience abundance, one must experience the bounty of their own energy. Abundance is an interior realisation of your own limitlessness rather than a state of wealth on the outside. If you experience abundance internally, it will also manifest externally in your reality. You cannot be modest, unassuming, or worthless while having abundance flow through your reality. Allowing abundance means allowing the knowledge of your own magnificence to permeate your being. This flow within you is the source of everything you aspire to be. You cannot find happiness in reality. You can only see your own happiness reflected in reality.

You determine your own worth. Let rid of your association with lack in order to allow this realisation of abundance into your being and have it flow out into manifestation. You attach yourself to it even when you reject poverty. Rejecting it means you’re saying it hasn’t been helping you in some way. The revelation of wealth is the point of all deprivation. Discover your abundance by using the message of your scarcity. Plenty does not condemn poverty. A rejection of your natural state of wealth is poverty. You cannot exert control to escape poverty.

All riches acquired by control has no base and needs ongoing work to keep it going. There will always be a sense of loss surrounding it. Real plenty moves so effortlessly that losing it is not a concern. How much of an abundance will you allow yourself have is the sole difficulty. How well can you withstand the flood of change it brings into your life? How much change, liberty, and love can you tolerate? What portion of your tale are you prepared to let go of? Let the understanding that your current degree of abundance is significant in order to invite abundance into your life.

You will be able to clearly grasp why it is ideal once you realise that it has purpose. You will then be able to see how you have been preventing abundance in your life. You can change your reality if you are willing to face the fear that the opposition conveys. To stop associating yourself with deficiency and restriction, do this. Allow your inner source of abundance to pour outward. Experience your own strength and majesty as well as the limitless potential of your energy. Allow your reality to mirror this brilliance without trying to control it or expect it to. Release it to allow your creativity to flourish as your existence develops. You are entitled to have an impact on the world. The world can change thanks to you. Let yourself to understand your significance. The degree of your money does not indicate how abundant you are. Your abundance is you. The realisation of your freedom is what abundance is.

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  1. Great counsel. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you liked the post


  2. Lori says:

    Very good tips and insights about abundance. It’s also said that what you give will come back to you ten-fold. In other words, when we send the flow of love or money outward from us, it will return to us in more abundance. Giving IS receiving.

    Just another thought on the subject. 🙂

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    1. GS says:

      And a very true perspective indeed. The dynamic exchange of giving and receiving that is required for the flow of life is perfectly illustrated by nature. Trees offer you their gift of oxygen, and you give them your gift of carbon dioxide. In addition to taking nectar from flowers, insects also provide pollination. There are many symbiotic interactions in nature, and the ecosystem needs them to survive. Since you are a part of nature, you require both giving and receiving in order to be content and healthy.

      Thank you for reminding me of this simple concept.

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      1. Lori says:

        Such great point about nature, GS. 👍

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      2. GS says:

        Thank you Lori. You always inspire me.

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