The Truth and Nothing But the Truth About Why So Many Women Judge Guys

When a lover criticises me for being cynical and seeming to despise men, I chuckle. While my realistic outlook definitely does lean towards scepticism, I can’t contest the first claim. The latter, however? You see, I post funny memes and have a dark sense of humour. That has occasionally been a terrific coping mechanism when relationships have let me down. I don’t detest guys, though, and that is the whole truth. I don’t think a whole gender is rubbish. I certainly wish to end the patriarchy, but one of the reasons is that I believe that patriarchal institutions are harmful to men as well. Whilst I can understand how some people could confuse it for my brand, it’s not about disliking males. In reality, there are valid reasons why so many women are critical of men. Please reserve all “man-hater” remarks for the conclusion so that I may explain the reasoning.

Why Do Women Punish Guys So Much?
Stop wasting time debating the qualities of a good man. Be one. Marshall Aurelius.

Sexist behaviour and patriarchy
The patriarchy and sexism are two major factors in the harsh treatment of males by many women. Our socialisation strengthens gender stereotypes and a glass ceiling that many men don’t even think exists. Because of our gender, we are frequently passed over for advancements, paid less than the average guy, and generally treated with less respect. Anyone could become enraged by it. I’ve always been conscious of sexism as a woman. That didn’t simply dawn on me when I reached puberty and had to cope with obnoxious strangers catcalling me. It started much earlier, when I began to hear messages in the classroom encouraging male participation, urging girls to be seen and not heard, and categorically stating in gym class that boys were more athletic than girls, despite the fact that I, a girl, was outpacing the boys in races and performing twice as many pull-ups during physical fitness tests. Sexism is not limited to the professional and educational settings. We also cope with it in our personal interactions. Yes, in the ones we pick, but also in the ones we reject. So, it can be challenging to have a positive outlook on males when we learn young that men are enemies.

Nevertheless, let’s face it: some men are the adversary. Every woman who has ever walked to her car at night while holding her keys in her fist is aware of this. Not only is it unfair to good men, but it’s also unfair to us. Being a decent man therefore involves being a good friend, a good father, a good employee, a good boss, a good neighbour, and a good citizen. It is neither a test or a certification. A. A. Gill

Relationship Disappointments
Because to the potential for major disappointment in relationships, some women are quite critical of males. I have visited there. It’s simple to get jaded. But is it right to hold good men responsible for the decisions made by other men? Obviously not. Even though we can’t grasp our feelings, they may still be real. even if they lack reason. Someone may feel so badly deceived that they spread their feelings about the remainder of a group of individuals. Sounds recognisable? In this way, prejudice grows. The difficult reality is that each of us is accountable for the connections we select. Growth-oriented, mature people are capable of reflecting on their past relationships, expressing disappointment, and still taking responsibility for ignoring warning signs before joining the relationship.

Someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their own part in the relationship is more prone to make unjustified generalisations about all men, which isn’t fair or right. But there is a reason why some women despise men. Nothing can stop a good man from acting honourably. The younger Seneca

Haters — Period.
Do you want to know the true cause of some women’s anti-man feelings? Some individuals oppose everything. Haters are real. They lack maturity. They are not answerable. People attribute the outcomes of their lives to everyone else. People are so preoccupied with recording how they are treated that they fail to notice how horribly they treat others. Haters will hate, as Taylor Swift warned us, and they actually do. Also, not all of them are female. But, there is a group of women that consistently put males down.

Haters wouldn’t exist in a perfect world. Individuals would behave civilly and respectably, minding their own business. They would form judgements about someone only based on their character and take appropriate action. Our reality is not ideal, though. Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation since your character represents who you are in reality, while people’ perceptions of you represent your reputation. Wooden, John

Do You Hate Me? The Verdict
I reflect on my work from the past. Yeah, I have made men answerable for their particular deeds. In order to explain frequent habits I’ve seen becoming more popular, I’ve also held a dating culture. With very few exceptions, I have discussed my own growth and accountability in my essays. I’ve acknowledged that I’ve made bad decisions in the past, and I’m working to improve. I have urged people to make wise decisions, to accept responsibility for the times they haven’t, and to act kind towards others in order to transform the dating culture.

I don’t dislike either guys or women. Although it would be appropriate to label myself a critic, my criticism is motivated by idealistic optimism and the conviction that society can improve. We must hold people responsible if we want that evolution to occur. We must refute out-of-date narratives. We must examine our own behaviour to determine whether it is advancing or hindering others’ goals. There are certainly excellent males in the world, in my opinion. Even the distinction between decent men and just “pleasant” men has been extensively covered in my writing. Men are not any more or less imperfect or broken in my eyes than anyone else.

I genuinely feel that males would receive more support and access to mental health care if patriarchal structures were abolished. I believe that with equality, the culture will flourish. But, I don’t despise males. I know way too many lovely people to side with the detractors. That doesn’t mean I won’t share a dark meme that made me laugh aloud, but you should be aware that each joke I tell conceals a real plea for everyone to grow from our mistakes, accept ourselves, and treat others with kindness.

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