When Working With The Universe, Keep Three Things in Mind


You’ll be alright if you can master these concepts.

  1. The Feelings You Have
    Consider a time when you believed your situation to be hopeless. You had been walking for a very long time and could see no relief in sight. You had been worn out and exhausted. You weren’t sure if you could make it further on the trek. You simply wanted to give up and throw up your hands. But, the next day you either received wonderful news, met a particular someone, or woke up on the correct side of the bed, and you just felt better. Everything returned to normal, and the gloom and dread were exchanged for optimism and light. The excellent news, the unique person, and the restful sleep all affected how you felt. Because of that, you feel better.

Realize that nothing lasts forever when working with the universe and that feelings are fleeting. The seasons come and go, as do the times. What will happen tomorrow is not determined by how you feel today. Even if you’re feeling depressed today, it’s not the end of the world. If the universe wants to lift you up, it will first lower you. You must touch rock bottom so you may ascend up high. When you are nearly at the summit of the mountain you are ascending, you will feel exhausted.

You might make the error of cursing the cosmos if you’re having a bad day and feel like it’s pushing you too far when, in reality, it’s holding you in a catapault. You could get frustrated and curse the universe when anything takes a while to happen when, in reality, angels are engaged in a battle with demons to deliver you what you ask for. When things aren’t going your way, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. You must control your emotions because of this. Your emotions lack intelligence, whereas you do. Your feelings are not aware of these things. You do. Your emotions must be under control so that they do not dictate how you behave. Don’t let conflicted feelings cause you to ruin the moment when working with the universe.

Energies in motion are emotions. Energy cannot be destroyed, but when you let them to flow instead of binding yourself to them, it will eventually be moved or transmuted. Allow your difficult feelings to flow through you today so that when you are catapulted so far forward in the slingshot and are granted everything you desire for tomorrow, you will feel better emotions. Let it to flow so that you can persevere and continue to ascend the mountain. What will happen tomorrow is not determined by how you feel today.

  1. The Appearance of Illusions
    Anything you give your attention to expands. The world you’re experiencing right now is only a dream. You live in a delusion if you respond to the illusions. The more illusions you make when you’re living in one, the more perplexing life gets. If you keep giving something you don’t like time, effort, or attention, it will continue to grow. When you connect yourself to an unpleasant emotion that you are experiencing today rather than realising that it will pass, it persists and grows. Everything is only an illusion, and illusions are dynamic. Feelings also change constantly.

You will remain trapped in the 3D and experience unsettling emotions if you are always linked to the illusions in the 3D world and to your emotions. When it occurs, neither you nor the environment will change. Recognise the illusions and learn to distance yourself from them. You must be aware that you must control your emotions because they lack intelligence. Remember that anything can change at any time, no matter what is happening or how you are feeling right now. Situations alter in a split second. And whatever is taking place, there is nearly always a larger goal or explanation for why things are happening the way they are.

Attempt to see beyond the immediate surroundings. Beyond what your two physical eyes can see, you must see. To tune in, develop your spiritual third eye. Observe things for what they truly are rather than for what they seem to be. Recognise the wider picture and constantly keep in mind that nothing is what it first appears to be. When you feel as though you are buried, remember that you are growing just like a seed in the earth. What you believe you know, you don’t. You live in a delusion if you respond to the illusions. You produce more illusions while you are living in a delusion.

  1. The Things You Think
    The majority of individuals believe that nothing ever alters in their reality. They believe that no matter how hard they try, they fail. Yet despite their best efforts, nothing ever gets better. They believe they are doomed since their reality is always so dark. However this is erroneously assumed. The physical world is undergoing ongoing change. Everything is vibrating at some level. Your entire life can change in a split second, and you cannot prepare for it. It won’t change if you wake up each day believing that nothing will change simply it’s another day. Things will be the same since your thoughts are shaping your reality.

You have to exert more effort to exert control when nothing changes. By creating resistance under the pretence of perseverance and hard work, you just serve to stagnate the situation further, foster more delusions, and attract more doom your way. You were intended to be strong. You were made to design the world you live in. You were made to dominate and not to live life thinking your position cannot change. You will change if you decide enough is enough when you get up today. You will be able to feel better if you wake up and decide to control your emotions rather than just connecting to and identifying with them.

You can bring about change if you are able to recognise and comprehend this. Nevertheless, you must change before anything else can. You must alter your perspective of both the outside world and yourself. By elevating the external environment, you give it strength and energy. You become attached when you place a high value on people and things, and wherever there is an attachment, there will be anguish and suffering. Things aren’t as important as you make them up to be. You can make quantum energetic jumps from your current reality into an other one where you see reality but feel different from it thanks to this awareness of yourself and the world. You can leave the illusions behind and observe instead of react.

You create space for the universe to operate when you learn to regulate your emotional responses, transcend the 3D, and rise beyond the emotional impact of what is happening. When you can alter the perspective in which you perceive these things, you can alter your reality. You will see how rapidly things change when you are viewing reality differently and when you have no attachments to anything in the physical world.

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  1. Write_rspace says:

    3 very key concepts. I love reading your posts as they really relate to me.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you. I am glad you like my post informative.

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