What you believe you create. You Attract What You Feel. What you imagine yourself to be.


Buddha’s quote. And it is absolutely correct.

This is your tale. Nobody else can compose it for you. Nobody is able to direct you as to where to turn the page, start the chapter, write the pauses, line breaks, or remarks. Nobody is able to direct you as to where the story should actually start, unfold, expose the motivations of the characters, or change the storyline. Nobody has the right to dictate your actions, feelings, or way of being. Nobody has the right to hold your actions, including the choices you make, the lips you kiss, the lives you touch, and the ambitions you pursue, in judgement.

This is your narrative. You are free to make errors, to delete and rewrite sections of your work, to stumble and falter, even to start over entirely with a page turn. It’s okay to fall in love with the wrong people and experience difficult lessons. You are free to choose the religion you choose to practise, or none at all. You are free to kiss, smile, laugh, forgive, and harbour hopes. This is your narrative. You can speak louder if you want to. to express oneself. to express the inner truths you hold. You have the right to hold any opinions you choose and to do so with pride. You are free to speak up for what you believe to be right and to confront injustice head-on.

This is your narrative. No one appears to be standing next to you. It may occasionally be more colourful, painful, clear, or chaotic. Yet, it doesn’t make it any less lovely no matter how it develops, alters, or twists. This is your narrative. There won’t be a duplicate of it elsewhere. You could want to mould it to follow a specific course or resemble others you’ve seen. Yet life is too short to be compared all the time. And if you spend your chapters pursuing someone else’s plot instead of your own, you’ll feel hollow.

This is your narrative. There will be times when nothing feels right. where you believe to have been left behind. when you start to ponder how it will all turn out or when everything starts to change. When you fall in love, you’ll believe you’ve discovered your hero (ine). You’ll lose yourself, love, and hope. then you will understand that you were the actual warrior all along. This is your narrative. You’ll flit between relationships. Your knees will be scraped. You will witness the descent, fading, or ascension of those you love. There will be goals and dreams that don’t materialise for you. There will be times when everything comes together so wonderfully that you cannot help but cry. There will be times when you wish you could just press pause and stay right here.

This is your narrative. Maybe you’ll desire a different one. You’ll then understand how gloriously chaotic your chapters have been, how much you’ve changed, and how incredible it is to create a story that is just, entirely yours. This is your narrative. It won’t constantly be simple or perfect. You’ll come to enjoy the text, the tattered pages, and the shredded binding even though it won’t always be the most attractive book on the shelf. You’ll discover how to accept its flaws while yet describing it as lovely. because you own it.

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  1. Lord Jesus You are the highest Authority, power and Friend and we love and listen to You alone

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    1. GS says:

      Yes 🙌🏼

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