Three Things to Know First When You Wake Up


You woke up because you got enough sleep, not because you’re better.

  1. Let individuals to enjoy their sleep -When you awaken, everyone else is still sound sleeping. You feel a sense of pride surrounding you. You’re more powerful. You’ve improved. You’re more obedient. You’ve been picked. You believe you understand everything. details of the sleep-wake cycle. You believe that everyone else is completely in the dark. They have to get up. They are being left out. They are passing up the tranquilly and tranquillity. They are not receiving the information download. After taking in all that knowledge, you begin to believe that you know the solutions that could alter people’s lives. Both you and I are aware of the situation. I am aware of how upsetting it is to see loved ones waste away their lives. It hurts to see them struggle while they were asleep. They flip and toss in bed but can’t seem to get comfortable. Why can’t they simply wake up, you ask yourself. “Why won’t they just look up and see?” You scream and talk aloud. They don’t wake up, though, no matter what you say or do. They have such profound sleep. You are inaudible to them. The things you can see are invisible to them. They are suffering, and you want to alleviate it. You are aware that they would feel better if they woke up and joined you. You battled in your sleep; you woke up, rubbed the sleep from your eyes, and now you can plainly see everything. I understand. Being the only one awake makes you feel isolated. For seeing something they are unable to see, you feel insane. You attempt to wake them up, but they remain asleep. What you must do is as follows: Let folks to sleep.
  2. When they’ve had enough, people awaken. Everyone is on a unique spiritual journey. It’s not necessary for everyone to wake up just because you did. Those who are sleeping cannot be disturbed. It’s excellent to sleep. Sleep helps us heal.
    They snooze because they have to. When enough is enough, they awaken. When the alarm sounds, they get up. No one awakens an hour earlier or later. They have a regular wake-up time. You don’t have to tell people what time to get out of bed. You didn’t wake up because you were better; you were better because you were awake. There is no advantage to waking up before those who are asleep. You are not automatically their coach or teacher as a result. You didn’t get up first so you could control how other people live. You were the first one up, getting ready for work. To clear the way, you got up first. In order to create a trail that others can follow if they choose to. Because it beckons you, you choose to become a teacher or coach.
  3. The Soul Decides Whether to Wake Up. You were awakened by something greater and more powerful than you; it wasn’t a person. Belief in the fact that people will be awakened when they’re ready to be. Understanding this has enormous power. Everything is divinely planned and arranged, and whatever someone is going through is exactly what their soul needs to develop. It’s what people need, if they’re awake. They require it if they are asleep. Keep off of their soul’s planned path. Don’t get in the way of it. People can’t be made to be spiritual by force. They won’t wake up on their own, and you can’t make them change. You need to be aware of both your and the universe’s responsibilities when you awaken. It’s your responsibility to keep improving. You must always be learning. It is up to you to bring about the change you want to see. You can’t criticise them for sleeping excessively. Sleeping is just as beneficial as waking up. Let others sleep, and pay attention to yourself. In that way, the journey becomes simpler.

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  1. Miriam says:

    All so very true and well written. Each of us are on a unique journey and awaken when we’re ready.

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    1. GS says:

      Yes it’s our soul’s purpose

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  2. Lori says:

    This is a tough one for me. I know you’re right about this in my gut, but my head wants to wake them up. Mostly because society’s slumber is taking down the awakened with them. Their decision-making while asleep affects all of us as a whole. But again, you’re right. Perhaps there are also lessons the awakened need to learn as we all go down with the ship.

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    1. GS says:

      Something is in the air in the early mornings. I’m not sure if it’s the silence or the cold. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the sun hasn’t even risen yet, let alone your roommates or neighbours, or if it’s simply the realisation that the new day holds a plethora of possibilities and you get first pick because you’re the only one awake.

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