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Difficult Pills To Take That Will Strengthen You – Wisdom from Dalai Lama

I’ll admit it: I became thrilled about witches, vampires, and immortality. Without a doubt, Vampire Diaries changed me. My preferred book was Fables. I enquired of a librarian when I was eight years old, “I wish we all had the option to live as an immortal.” She pushed aside her filthy specs and gauzed my height in response. “Umm, you know, you can,” she replied. Get a head start on swallowing harsh drugs so you can focus on taking good drugs.

Is there such a thing as good pills and hard medications? (There is nothing that amoxicillin cannot treat. (Evil chuckle HEHE). After reading the Dalai Lama, I understood that our lives give us a common supply of bitter and wholesome medications. Hard pills include things like death, debt, poor health, strained relationships, depression, and unhealthy habits. Assets, a family, friends, a home, money, successful habits, knowledge, etc. are all considered excellent pills. To maximise the effectiveness of good pills, align your hard pills. In other words, prepare yourself to take the tough tablets first. You can finish it more quickly in this manner. Here are six Dalai Lama teachings to assist you deal with difficult circumstances. Let’s get going.

  1. Nothing endures – A crucial period: Our grandparents never had to travel outside of their hometown to attend school.
    We are the ones who must choose between: going to a nearby college to study or travel to a different city to study
    Meaning: We weren’t accustomed to making decisions of this nature. One of the causes of many kids choosing the wrong career path is this. But why do you need to decide right away? “Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back to, and reasons to stay,” advises the Dalai Lama. When we leave our homes, parents, and relatives, we are still very young. The majority of people make poor choices. On the plus side, this bitter pill serves as a reminder that nothing ever stays the same in life. Life is not like your cosy couch. When you step away from individuals, you consider their value. Lesson: Objects incapable of flight cannot ensure their return.
  2. Change takes time to take effect – I’ll accept that: Some folks thoroughly dissected our history. The most well-known philosophers are Seneca, Napolean Hill, and Marcus Aurelius. They could make you believe they are angels. Keep in mind that these were regular individuals. However, they did learn something—namely, that they had the power to change things. They had faith in themselves. “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito,” advises the Dalai Lama. You can suffer from itching from a mosquito sucking your blood. I want to know if you’re scared of little bugs. Or perhaps you never considered how influential an insect could be? Animals are the earth’s devoted carers. But we are not, as humans. As soon as we are aware of our value and mind, we can concentrate on accomplishing amazing things. But never underestimate who you are. Lesson: Even if things take time, they nonetheless proceed. Enjoy the process instead.
  3. I wish Jeanie or Alladin were real, but wishes don’t always come true. Man, can you believe God grants all of our requests without indicating whether this is our first or last opportunity? This is crazy. How many wishes we have granted is unknown. How many more wishes we have left is unknown. What’s best? Nobody is certain that wishes even exist.
    Prayers and good luck are the most important factors in my mother’s situation. Remember that sometimes not receiving what you want is a beautiful stroke of luck, as the Dalai Lama once said. Life is like riding on a roller coaster. So permit it to be so. Who says you have to be a buzzkill, a fighter, and a wanderer? Enjoy each day as it comes. Starvation for goals you cannot accomplish can be enjoyable. You may have faith in God because of this. Never stop being grateful for what you have. Lesson: Each act in life is like a curtain being raised in a movie theatre. Bringing both good and bad news is the curtain.
  4. Share or you’ll lose your cool – Do you have any knowledge? The illiterate empires never had the chance to truly transmit knowledge. The literate empires, on the other hand, disseminated their knowledge in the form of written works (for instance, the Early Sumerian kings). Although they may resemble you exactly (for example, Roman), they are not.
    Empire of the ignorant fell. Even now, the literate empires exist. How? About them, we’ve read. Consider those educated tribes who would never impart knowledge to their offspring or encourage learning; they would be better off dead. They’d remain unknown to us. I’m done now. Share your wisdom, advises the Dalai Lama. It is a means of obtaining immortality. Immortality has a cost, and that cost is having to impart knowledge. Even with your opponents or friends, share what you’ve learned. It is the only appropriate way to recall it. You’ll go insane the longer you keep information to yourself. The knowledge we are gaining cannot be contained within our hearts. Lesson: Perhaps this is what has driven our age insane—holding onto things that were never meant to be kept. Share instead.
  5. Creative sacrifice is necessary for happiness – Even when you purchase ready-made clothing, it does not fit. How are you supposed to maintain your:
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Actions (of course)

Care should be taken with all of the aforementioned virtues. Or, to put it another way, made by hand and carefully preserved. Purifying our virtues has a direct impact on our behaviour. “Happiness is not something ready-made,” the Dalai Lama once said. It results from your own deeds. Consequently, if you’re unhappy, something is wrong with you. Unhappiness, as most people say, isn’t cursed. The first step is to accept that your actions might be leaking. Then you can proceed and look for solutions. If you’re unhappy, you might behave in one of the following ways. You (Might):

  • Overthink
  • Fight with everyone
  • Don’t accomplish anything useful
  • Don’t meditate
  • Avoid making art.
    Instead, go for creative things to get pleasure in life. You can always find what you really enjoy if you engage in creative activities like painting, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. Lesson: Happiness is a result of your actions; it cannot be directly attained.

6. The stems of raisins are like life’s lessons – What you will not learn will keep coming back. Lessons are like raisins in oatmeal. Some folks are very okay eating the stem on top of raisins. Others don’t, though. The raisin’s stem must be removed before you can eat the porridge. However, if you don’t, you need to be cautious with each spoonful. You seem to have two options: Before eating, remove the stem completely. If the stems of the raisins end up in your spoon, you can also remove them. Here’s a full analysis:

  • Option 1 only requires about 5 minutes.
  • Option 2 requires 20+ frustrating minutes. (free of cost)

Returning to the main idea, lessons behave similarly. You can forget them more quickly the earlier you learn. But if you don’t learn, they’ll keep returning. According to the Dalai Lama, “The only person who can really teach us to practise the virtues of compassion and tolerance is our enemy.” When an enemy teaches us lessons, learn them. Only by learning these lessons will we be able to commit to memory how important compassion, tolerance, and unity are. In other words, enemies teach us the best lessons. The opponents teach us valuable lessons. Once you have them down, you can concentrate on getting better.

Final thoughts:

Buddhists always focused on the following: pursuing enlightenment leading a morally upright life. Finding a way to be prepared for these hard pills can allow humans to live in a higher mental dimension. Just because you are prepared, there’s nothing in the world that can make you sad. Good tablets are like a glass of clean water. As soon as you can extract the germs (the hard tablets) and make the water cleanse, your life becomes content. Which bitter medicine are you going to swallow now?

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