You Can Improve Your Life In 30 Minutes

How I Review My Work Week for Maximum Productivity on Sunday in 30 minutes

I adore Sundays. It gives me the opportunity to relax without interruptions while drinking a bottle of water (I only drink water or coffee because too much coffee makes me queasy). Sundays, why? I sit down every Sunday to think back on the previous week (take that with a grain of salt; it’s not literally every, more like most). I have the time and space to reflect, and it gives me a chance to “check-in” and make sure I’m on track. It means I’ll know exactly what to focus on and what I’m aiming to do better at going into Monday. Though not an exact science, it seems to work for me. These are the inquiries I’m asking myself.

Painful areas – I have experience in user-centered design. Pain points are a wonderful beginning point for me and you can’t move forward without mentioning them. I pose these questions after referring to a list of the problems the readers for whom I write have.

  1. Did you make an effort to address one or more of your customers’ pain points? If not, how did you spend your time this week (and is it something you could automate)? I then move on to my pain points after finishing that. Things I’ve noticed from the data, problems I’ve had this week, and frustrations.
  2. What are MY current pain points (i.e., what issues am I observing in the industry)? a) Have I given myself enough time to solve my pain points in order to move ahead?

Good feeling factor – Next, let’s move on to one of a part-time business’ most crucial components. I lean heavily into this because I’m doing this in addition to my day job. Because I do it in my free time, I need to optimise for the things I love.
What I’m asking is this:

  1. How quickly did this week pass? What did I LOVE doing?
  2. What did I find difficult this week, especially when it felt slow and painful?
  3. This week, how satisfied am I with my part-time business, on a scale of 1 to 5?

As a side note, if I’m not feeling 2 about my side gig, I’ll sit for a while longer and think about why. It’s possible that I’ll decide for the upcoming week that I need to spend less time working and more time doing other things.
I make an effort to remember that this path is designed to be fun and sustainable. Naturally, there are times when everything feels difficult, but not one that drains my energy or makes me miserable. A score below 2 is worrying.

Time that I have – The value of time exceeds that of money.More money can be obtained, but more time is not attainable. [Jim Rohn] I firmly believe it, thus I’m motivated to use my time as efficiently as possible.

  1. What occupied a lot of my attention this week but didn’t seem to be worth it?
  2. If you kept doing what you’re doing, six months from now, do you have any concerns about where you could wind up?
    a) If the answer is yes, write it down and set aside time to think directly on that issue.

In conclusion – I spend roughly 30-45 minutes doing this. It offers me the opportunity to reflect deeply on the events of the previous week and the areas in which there was room for improvement. This time only offers me the room to consider what I want to avoid doing this week and where I want to refocus. It feels to me like a minor correction. After I’ve finished reviewing, I’ll: List the items I want to concentrate on this week. Please make sure I identify the places to avoid. For instance, I discovered this week that I was spending too much time on Twitter. I’ve been pretty focused there recently, but it’s starting to affect my attitude. So I am aware that I need to refocus this coming week. On Twitter, I’m establishing limits and making sure I follow them. Having the room on a Sunday simply provides me the chance to think things out thoroughly.

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