You Can Have What You Want

Giving Out What You Most Want, Comes Back To You Better Than You Imagine

Most people are aware of the concept of karma, which literally means “what you give out, you get back in the same form.” In light of this, are you paying attention to what your words, actions, emotions, and thoughts are projecting? You always get what you sow—it’s a universal rule. Additionally, you mirror the thoughts, beliefs, words, and behaviours that predominate in your life. You are what you think about, and you attract into your life what you frequently think about. Why not try providing what you want in return the most? Would you like more love? Spend a lot of time showing affection. Do you desire greater regard from others? Show individuals you care by spending more time with them. Like draws like.

It is a global truth that if you concentrate on what you want in life, you will get more of the same in return.
You can achieve your goals in life. If your goals are reasonable and you comprehend the rules needed to achieve them, you can achieve your dreams. Your wishes will come true because of universal laws, not magic.


First, concentrate on what you do want rather than on what you don’t have or how awful life is. Do you desire greater success? Love? Money? Health? Friends? Get clear on what makes you happy and write it down or blog about it. Spend more time reflecting on these ideas. Do you desire more financial success? Keep a wealth mindset while also investing in the lives of those who are in need. Do you desire greater professional success? Mentor a person who wishes to advance in their career. Looking to find a caring partner? Be kind to everyone you encounter. Focus on your goals while allowing thoughts of love and compassion to enter your mind. The smallest actions produce the biggest outcomes. The universe expects you to fulfil your ideas, statements, and deeds. However, you have to start things off before the Uni-verse (also known as One Song) joins in.

Believe and Receive

When you are clear on your goals and give your attention to the things you want, you will start to believe that you will get what you want. Keep it general and avoid getting too specific with the details; this will help the universe deliver you better things. Keep an attitude of thanks and expectation. Be on the lookout for your goals to materialise. Perhaps that promotion will come to you sooner than you anticipated, or perhaps a superior job opportunity is just around the corner. Prior to receiving, it’s critical to trust. Keep your spirits upbeat, upbeat, and generally cheerful. It is a trap to believe that you will be satisfied once you get what you want, but that is not how it works. When you are unable to recognise the goodness in your life right now, why would the universe give you good things?

It’s Not All About You

Although it is wonderful to covet things and get them, life is not all about you. Recognize that others benefit from your generosity and investment in them. Mother Teresa was one of the most selfless people who has ever lived, and her compassion and affection helped many people. The love and gratitude she got from those she served blessed her to her very core. She was incredibly blessed, as were those she took care of. She delivered what she most desired to receive: unwavering love. She was spiritually aware and led a lovely life of selfless devotion. I’m aware that everything I’ve said so far sounds trite: Law of Attraction, New Age jargon. But what if we don’t give it the LOA designation and instead name it – Inspired Living? Whatever you want to call it, inspired living is a manner of life.

What is the one thing that you want back in your life?

Take some time to reflect on this, and then write down any thoughts that come to mind. After that, think about how you can give others precisely what they want, and then do it. Reframe your thinking about your aims, and have confidence that you can succeed. Observe the positive thoughts you send out return back to you like a boomerang. Instead of just having an optimistic mindset, it’s also essential to have an optimistic emotional or energetic state. I’m certain there was a period in your life when you were optimistic, whether it was when you were a child, adolescent, or young adult. Draw on that energy and invite it back into your existence.

Because it is not based in research, many people believe that this information is ineffective. Additionally, when they read or hear about individuals leading inspiring lives, they attribute it to luck or chance. Until you do, nothing I say will alter your perspective. Instead of trying to persuade you to try something new, my goal is to introduce you to something novel. Because you clicked on this piece for whatever reason perhaps the title piqued your interest or you heard about it from a friend. I’m proposing a new way of living. Take a risk and follow through. Consider it a test. Before you start seeing effects, you don’t even have to commit to this way of living.

Test it out and see if what you give out returns to you in a manner that is better than you could have ever imagined.

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  1. Kudos on an amazing post!

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and leaving a thoughtful message. Glad you liked it.


  2. sicetnon3 says:

    “You are what you think about” sounds like Descartes ghost

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