Signs That You Are A Lightworker

Are you ready to find out and shine your light?

Have you heard of a “lightworker”? It is a soul that offered to serve to shed light and assist others. The light stands for a number of ideals, including liberty, respect, and compassion. There’s a good chance you’re on Earth for a special purpose, whether or not you know what that means. Imagine a lightworker as a regular individual wearing a cape of extraordinary power. Every spirit develops into a lightworker at some point during its lifetimes. We are all carriers of the radiance. Here are some indicators that you might be a lightworker:

The idea of faith appeals to you

You’ve always had a hankering to know what lays outside the realm of logic. Beyond just the physical body and logical mind, you have always sensed a pull in other directions. Your definition of spirituality excludes dogmatic faith and wishful thinking. Release of traumatic memories and ingrained patterns that keep you constrained on an ego level are key components of becoming One with the universe. You’re enthralled by human character. You delve deep and ponder life’s meaning and your role here on Earth. The universal rules are something you are aware of. You came to understand that the spiritual path of life is one of overcoming suffering and finding happiness and gratitude in the midst of challenges. Being a spiritual being experiencing a transient human experience, you move about this planet with this knowledge.

You have experienced the darkness

Darkness and light are entangled. Without the other, one would not be possible. You have experienced a time of darkness in order to regain your inner light and set an example. You have severed links with toxic individuals or healed past trauma. To get to the illumination, you had to pass through darkness. You have already endured the dark night of the soul in order to emerge more powerful, emboldened, and soul-driven rather than giving in to ego’s demands. Suffering does not necessarily end with a spiritual revelation. It is the unwavering acceptance of whatever life has to give. Additionally, practise is necessary. Darkness always has a use. Life is a process of expansion. Additionally, development can be frightening and uncomfortable but also incredibly rewarding. The powers of trauma and discomfort shape us into real powerhouses. You avoid taking the simple route. You decide to deal with your bad emotions rather than escaping them by drinking, having sex, or watching meaningless TV.

Others feel calmer in your presence

Your serene energy draws people to you easily. Lightworkers have amazing mending abilities. The individual only needs a brief period of time to begin to feel comfortable around a lightworker. They may offer guidance and lessen mental suffering as healers, instructors, shamans, psychologists, or preachers. The emotional charge of other people’s emotions, however, can be debilitating due to lightworkers’ high level of sensitivity. It’s crucial to establish limits and safeguard your sacred healing energy. Look at how you interact with others and how they react to your sensitivity if you are unsure if you are a lightworker. Do they always turn to you for guidance? Do you easily make connections with others? Do you tend to observe more than you speak most of the time?

You are a life-long learner

The power of perception allows you to make the best out of a bad circumstance. Instead of challenges, you see possibilities. Instead of challenges, you see opportunities for development. Every denial leads to a new path. You don’t give in when faced with difficulties. You treat them as hidden blessings. Not as a victim of life, but as a study of it. You fall in love with existence when you view it through the eyes of curiosity. What matters is how peaceful and grateful you are inside, not what is going on around you. You find all-encompassing affection when you let go of negativity and victim mentality. You give the greatest gift when you begin to operate from higher frequencies like love, joy, and serenity.

Your instinct is your friend

You are skilled at perceiving the requirements of others and reading people. You can discern people’s goals through a variety of cues and vibes. You have always had better perception than others, even as a young child. You may have been referred to as an old spirit by adults. You don’t go in pursuit of solutions. You receive them.
Around you, your adulthood exudes serenity. It comes naturally to you to connect with your inner knowledge. You will never be let down if you have unwavering trust in your instincts or inner guidance. The voice of fear or doubt is readily distinguishable from intuitive signals. Even if your intuition leads you into situations that seem impossible to happen, something you wouldn’t usually do, everything works out for the best in the end. You no longer look to the outside world for confirmation of the correct course to take. Instead, you practise meditation, calm your thoughts, and stop considering the problem. Clarity is where the answer resides, you know. You don’t go in pursuit of solutions. You receive them.

You provide direction for others

You are viewed as a rebel and inspire others to challenge social norms. Even though it was initially challenging to make ends meet, you left your safe employment and pursued your passion. You cut ties with people who prevented your development, you asked for forgiveness, and now you’re flourishing. You have made a commitment to following your soul’s mission in life. You shine the brightest when you embrace sincerity and unrestrained pleasure. You soar when you give yourself permission to live your existence on your terms. Your physical condition improves. You are more content and kind to everyone and everything. It might be strange or irritating to some individuals. Your cosmic radiance will attract people. You arrived here to amaze and inspire others.

You feel isolated

It can be isolating to experience a spiritual revelation. Lightworkers can experience feelings of loneliness even as they feel incredibly linked to the Oneness of the Earth. People who yearn for a different way of living and feel like they don’t fit in with society are typically lightworkers. Not since you were a small child did you feel out of place?
You feel at odds with conventional job paths right now. The pursuit of authority or order is not healthy for lightworkers. Simply put, it’s not their issue. You may feel numb, lost, and bewildered as your world comes crashing down when you finally wake up from the lies that the world has been feeding you. People might mock your naivete and label you a dreamer. The difficulties you face are all gifts. They lead you down a special, appropriate route. Your goal is to walk the lonesome road while setting an example for those who will follow you.

In the natural environment, you feel the most relaxed

Your friends are animals. Your therapy is nature. Away from the noise and activity of the concrete jungle, lightworkers refuel in a natural environment. They yearn for peace and beautiful surroundings. You are naturally gifted at taking care of wild animals and vegetation. You enjoy being in natural settings and do well in parks. Open spaces make you feel your best, and you can sense their therapeutic effects. You become upset when you witness how others mistreat and damage natural environments, and you set an example for eco-friendly behaviour. As you are intimately a part of the universe and its unity. When you have high vibrations, nature reacts. You discover solutions to your questions when you venture out into the wild. Creative ideas come to you in nature.

You enjoy being by yourself

Lightworkers are able to quickly discern other people’s attitudes and negative emotions. Spending time alone is the most effective method to refuel. You improve as a person as a result. Self-growth is encouraged by solitude. You come to understand that isolation is not something to be feared but rather to be welcomed. You travel within and discover a lot about yourself rather than wasting time on uninteresting pursuits. It strengthens your spirit. Your ideas do not frighten you. You envelop them. You pay attention to how various situations and individuals make you feel. Self-awareness gives you strength. Spending time alone strengthens your connection with yourself. When you take care of that interior connection, you transform into an amazing source of illumination for others. Your interactions with other people will always be an accurate reflection of how you feel about yourself.

By merely existing here, you improve the world. The dark cannot expel the dark. That can only be done by illumination. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It can feel lonely on a lightworker’s path. But the same path will be incredibly rewarding once you get over your fears of not fitting in. Remain committed to your goal. Carry on. Keep illuminating the world. On the correct track, you are.

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  1. I love this. I have often felt this way, so I appreciate the insight your words provide. Thanks so much!

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    1. GS says:

      You are a wonderful person. Being a light worker is no joke.

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      1. Agreed. My main issue is which direction should I go? I feel like I can give back in so many ways, but I am stuck. Thoughts?

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      2. GS says:

        Great question. Lightworkers are intuitive and driven by their internal guidance. They can often ably perceive the emotions and needs of other living beings, which enables them to harness and direct their healing powers towards those who need help. I believe we need to understand ourselves first. Be a light worker to ourselves. Once we have an understanding of emotions and feelings, once we have done the deep work on ourselves and recognised our patterns, it will be easier to work with others. That said, we have to be our constant light worker because we tend to be sensitive, and hence we feel sadness and anguish for the misery that dwells in the world around them.

        Hope this helps. I wish you good energy and abundance of love for your journey as a light worker!

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      3. This did help. I am an Empath, and I have been told by a few tarot readers and mediums that I am a healer. I am also a teacher and a reading specialist, so I just need direction. I thought my direction was headed one way, but I realize now that is not so. I really appreciate the advice on being a lightworker to myself, but I have done a lot of self-healing work over the last ten years. I feel I am at a point where I am ready to help in a bigger way, but I am not sure if that is through being an Empath or a teacher. Thoughts?

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      4. GS says:

        I am delighted to hear that you have been working on yourself for a decade now. Such a beautiful thing to do. Here’s what I suggest, first;y let’s be clear we have the answers to the following questions :

        What are you best at?
        What area of your life is most abundant?
        What gifts would be easiest for you to share with the world?
        What brings you the most joy?
        What do you have that brings value, healing, and joy to other people?

        Once you are through, action you can take are following :

        Earning a formal education in your chosen field
        Seeking a mentor in your chosen field
        Founding a non-profit, business, or side hustle that will help support you as you advance your skills in your field
        Pursuing a career that encourages you to share your gifts with others
        Investing strategically to grow your shareable material assets
        Producing a body of shareable creative work that helps others

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      5. Thank you. I will work through these questions and see where I arrive. You have given me so much to think about.

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      6. GS says:

        Most welcome. Good luck light worker. You are love.

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      7. sicetnon3 says:

        Perhaps being “stuck” means you stay at this point and observe

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      8. GS says:

        Yes I believe so too. I hope this doesn’t drag me down to the point I lose myself though. I get those feelings sometimes, not frequent enough to get medications or visit a shrink though.

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      9. sicetnon3 says:

        🤣🤣🤣you are funny!


      10. Interesting…I like this idea. I think I definitely need to do this.

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      11. sicetnon3 says:

        Yes, others might use such words to “judge/name” your life condition, still it is all one life you are participating in.

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      12. What do you mean?

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      13. sicetnon3 says:

        Ignore what I say. Listen to Life itself.

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      14. Nice. I like that.

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  2. drvenkypens says:

    It is new coinage for me. Love it❤️

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you found the post informative.

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  3. sicetnon3 says:

    And so you are!

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    1. GS says:

      Wow thank you 🥹


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