More Reasons to Be Thankful Flow From Gratitude


One of the highest emotional and vibrational states you can enter into on a regular basis is one of deliberately recognising and experiencing gratitude.

No matter what you have or don’t have in your life, you can experience genuine joy and peace when you practise gratitude. People who are aware of how to use this ability and consistently use it are able to draw more blessings into their lives.

What is gratitude?

Simply stated, gratitude is the attitude of being content with what you have at the moment, counting your benefits, and appreciating all of your blessings, both large and small. It involves paying attention to life’s little pleasures. You can unleash the force of abundance and attract more things for which you can be thankful by developing a genuine mindset of gratitude. Positive and empowering changes in your life can result from something as easy as saying a quick prayer in the morning, practising meditation, or expressing your gratitude for this new day. You will find genuine love and joy every day, regardless of what you are going through, if you practise gratitude.

According to the Law of Attraction, opposites gravitate. Being thankful for what you already have will cause you to automatically attract more things to be thankful for. But a lot of people discover that cultivating a steadfast mindset of gratitude takes a lot of work. That’s because society and the media have collectively conditioned us to emphasise what we lack rather than value what we already have. You will start to manifest people, events, and situations that will reflect more of that energy back to you when you intentionally use the force of your thoughts and elevate your vibrational energy to attract more prosperity into your life. We all need to learn and master this deed or intention if we want to attract more prosperity into our lives.

How Gratitude Changes Your Energy and Focus

You are given the power and awareness by gratitude to change your attention from unfavourable to favourable thought patterns. Practicing gratitude will have a positive effect on your job, personality, relationships, health, social life, and what you experience in reality. You’ll start naturally concentrating on what you do have rather than whining about everything you don’t have. By doing this, you raise your awareness of the blessings you already enjoy and train your mind to accept and be grateful for more blessings as they arrive into your life. You’ll think that no obstacle in life is too great for you to surmount. You start to think that your advantages outweigh your challenges. You are using the positive energy you already possess to change your thoughts from ones of suffering and agony to ones of abundance, joy, peace, and love. As a result, you will start to experience an increase in your performance, relationships, relationships with others, and mental and physical health. You will also experience a decrease in stress, anxiety, and fear.

Here are 5 straightforward suggestions to help you develop the habit of gratitude, one of the most crucial success habits, so you can bring more happiness and prosperity into your life’s journey.

  1. List all of the things you have to be thankful for – A potent and therapeutic method of teaching your mind to become self-aware of the many blessings you have in your life is to write down everything for which you are thankful. Keeping a “gratitude journal” is a popular practise for cultivating the habit of gratitude. Spend a few minutes every morning listing all the things you are grateful for. Anything from your health to a new friend to a work promotion could qualify. If you are having trouble thinking of anything recent, look back through your recollections and choose one that made you very happy. You can refer back to your gratitude diary to help you remember how fortunate you are when you are going through a challenging or unpleasant experience.

This is the best way to start your day because it will prepare you to be open and thankful for everything that comes your way. You appreciate your gifts more when you can see them written down. This motivates you to make the most of every day so that you can increase the number of priceless experiences on your growing inventory of blessings. Additionally, it helps you develop a positive aura that makes you more appealing to other positive people and motivates them to want to support your objectives.

  1. Pay attention to the “Feeling” of gratitude – The universe’s most potent creative force is gratitude expressed in preparation. Before it even happens, if we are already thankful for something, we are basically vibrating at the same frequency as what we want. There is an extremely potent energy source inside of you. Others refer to it as your higher personality, your spirit, or your soul. We are made of energy, as science has shown. Our body is a tangible manifestation of this energy because of its rapid vibration. Your ideas are amplified by the force of your emotions. Your thoughts send a message to the universe, god, the collective consciousness call it whatever you want telling it what you want to manifest in your world. The Universe will bring that vibrational match, the same energy that you are vibrating on, back into your life through people, places, and circumstances that resonate with those same thoughts and feelings as you learn to raise your vibrational energy and raise the frequency to that of love, peace, and joy.

Even though what we want may not be physically present yet, it exists in the Universe’s and our world’s energy fields. The more you try to find the good in every circumstance, the more positive elements you’ll see. You not only start to notice more of the good things, but you also start to draw it to you. Like draws like. The more appreciative you are of what you already have, the more blessings you will draw into your life for which to feel thankful. You will draw in more positive individuals if you are more positive yourself. You will draw more money the more grateful you are towards it. The key is to picture the connection or the freedom that money will bring in our minds. Instead of concentrating on the item you want to hold, pay attention to the feeling and energy. We want objects in life because of the feelings they arouse in us. Being grateful for what you manifested into your life will cause more prosperity to continue to flow into your life.

  1. Gratitude for everything in life – Recognising that everything is a miracle requires that we be thankful for the little things. even a stranger’s simple grin. Think about the intensity of the energy we can emit when the BIG things happen if we can vibrate in gratitude for something as basic as a smile! Every day, schedule a specific time to deliberately appreciate everything you have experienced so far. Take time to be grateful for the people you meet, the food you are privileged to consume, the family and friends who brighten your life, the transportation that enables you to get to work, the rain that feeds the plants and trees, etc. Find the positive in every circumstance, even those you would typically consider to be negative.

Remember to express gratitude in everything you do. This even implies that the things you currently experience do not empower you. For instance, if someone points out a mistake or bad habit you have, express gratitude for the advice because it helps us become more self-aware of our thoughts and behaviors, which in turn enables us to develop new behaviours that will bring us into alignment with the higher frequencies of love and abundance. An ungrateful heart is the fastest way to make us into individuals who are bitter, selfish, and unsatisfied. A sincere attitude of gratitude, on the other hand, will do more to revive contentment and the joy of our salvation.

  1. Make it a point to express gratitude and appreciation – Without first valuing yourself, you cannot value others. Many individuals spend their time trying to please others rather than being self-aware. Be thankful for the wonderful blessing of life you have been given. Celebrate modest victories in the same manner as significant ones. Recognize your accomplishments and the good things others have to say about you. Never ignore a compliment; rather, accept it and enjoy the happiness it gives you. Sometimes we get so caught up in life and busy that we neglect to say thank you to our friends and family. Even though it’s not usually on purpose, we frequently take people and objects for granted. Consider actions you can take to show your appreciation. For instance, try complimenting family members on even the smallest gestures. Thank you for doing the chores. I truly value your assistance.

Tell someone you love them or leave a note telling them how much they mean to you, how much they make you smile, or how much they mean to your existence. Recognizing a person’s positive traits demonstrates that you are aware of and value them. Make careful to compliment people often. By expressing your gratitude to others, you raise their level of appreciation and self-worth and motivate them to spread this good vibe to others.

The Advantages of Gratitude Practice

You can access better things by cultivating an attitude of sincere gratitude for everything you have and everything you are. Having gratitude at the start and the end of each day will guarantee that you receive benefits frequently.

  • When you change your perspective to one of appreciation, you start to feel happier right away.
  • Having gratitude makes it easier and quicker for us to get through challenging situations.
  • When you take the time to be grateful for all the ways that life has been kind to you, you draw more joy, abundance, and good fortune.
  • Having a grateful mindset improves one’s wellbeing. You’ll slumber better, feel less stressed, have a stronger immune system, and have less discomfort physically.
  • Being constantly grateful enables you to grow and improve as a person. You’ll develop a more flexible mindset and seize more chances.
  • By using the force of gratitude to activate the Law of Attraction, you open the way to more happiness, prosperity, and abundance in your life.

Even before you start drawing more positive things, practising gratitude can make you feel better right now. Gratitude enables you to tune into life’s simpler pleasures, little marvels, and fleeting moments of beauty that you might otherwise overlook. You experience an increase in optimism, enthusiasm, and faith for the future. You no longer feel helpless and out of control in the face of problems. You learn to be thankful for the difficulties because you are aware that there will inevitably be one or more solutions. Of course, that very mindset is what brings about the answers and chances you’re looking for.

Never undervalue the impact of a sincere “thank you.” One of the best methods for feeling better is to give thanks. Your deepest desires, such as health, joy, peace, and abundance, can be brought to life with the aid of the strong force of gratitude. You become oblivious to the numerous opportunities and instances for which you should be thankful if you consistently see the worst in circumstances and exaggerate the difficulties you encounter. This has a negative impact on your outlook on life and your ability to surmount obstacles. As a consequence, finding true happiness is a never-ending struggle. A grateful attitude allows us to be more open to inspiration, creativity, and new possibilities. By expressing your gratitude, you connect with an endless supply of happiness and prosperity.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you!


  1. sicetnon3 says:

    Ah, to be grateful with no expectations is a great gift

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  2. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal now for a number of years. My entries are short–just an item or two per day. But just reviewing the blessings God’s provided over the previous 24 hours is uplifting in itself.

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    1. GS says:

      Beautiful. Writing down your blessings before bed can reduce your stress and help you fall asleep because you’ve switched gears to thinking about good things.

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