Why 2023 Already Sucks


Why It Happens and How to Fix It

It’s my favourite season of the year. And no, despite the fact that festivities have ended, I’m not talking about that. Failure images are abundant at the start of a new year. Failure is a crucial part of success, as you will learn if you pay attention to any of the well-known success trainers or powerful wealth-building advocates. Because failure is not the polar opposite of achievement. Failure is beneficial, wonderful even. However, it’s only helpful if you take something away from it. Implement it. Adapt and update. After all, lunacy is defined as repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. While I don’t advocate “New Year’s Resolutions,” I do firmly believe in having objectives and direction.

If you believe that you have already failed to achieve your goal(s), resolution(s), or intention(s), or if you have already fallen face first off the wagon, then this article is for you. Let’s now look at the possible causes of your feeling that your new year has already failed you (okay, maybe it’s not that bad) and how to fix whatever went (or is still going) awry.

It’s a new year, but not in the way you might think. In what manner did you welcome in the new year? Think about it for a minute… If you celebrate like it’s 1999, for example, then we need to have a conversation. Because you used last year’s mindset and behaviours as a springboard for this, it’s likely that you carried in the same mindset and behaviours. Think about approaching the situation with the attitude of “I’m going to do this once more for old time’s sake.” Soooo…By carrying out the action once more, you intend to put an end to (fill in the space).

Most people find that approach rarely works out well. What I have observed is that those who are genuinely resolved quit whatever it was. What it takes to be renewed and reborn starts with that degree of resolve.
What should you do if you have good goals but are stuck in an outdated frame of mind and are approaching the situation the same way you always have? Realise right away that a problem cannot be fixed in the same manner that it was first introduced. Do you think it would be possible to stop drinking by partying more? In the field of self-improvement, homeopathy, or addressing like with like, does not exist. If you attempt to suppress your anger with more, you will remain angry forever.

Next, decide what it is that you actually need and want. Honesty with yourself must be absolute. And if you’re unsure of how to go about it, just ask your pals what they believe you could do better or what you frequently discuss. Your real desires will become clear to you as a result. Third, make a plan for how you’re going to alter your strategy and get rid of your previous habits and self. I try to keep things as simple as possible and have a fairly hard core. That entails simply letting it go; how about a little Queen Elsa from Frozen? Don’t misunderstand me. I wasn’t always this way. And if it’s something I’ve grown devoted to over time, it can still be difficult at times.

It’s all about change. And resist all enticement. Change your inner group and friends if they are the ones causing you to achieve unfavourable outcomes. Do not enter the establishment if you are a smoker and a drinker. Avoid buying or keeping chips in your home if one bag tempts you to consume the whole bag instead of just one. Create a new you and a new surroundings.

The time of your life is now, so make the most of it.

Sometimes individuals are not as upbeat as they believe they are. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always see the bottle as half empty because you still have a lot of negative baggage with you. Did you enter 2023 with the mindset that it would be “MY year!” or “THE year!” or something similar? That is the problem, I suppose. You held out. You chose to wait until 2023 to make a difference rather than acting in 2022. This is known as delay. You actually postpone doing things that you could have done today, yesterday, or one month ago until tomorrow (or the following year).

I recently viewed the animated film A Bug’s Life. I became enthralled with the theme music as soon as the end credits began to appear. At first, it was because I recognised the singer’s unique voice and frantically searched for his name in the back of my mind. But as I bopped my head to the doo-wop beat, I discovered that the words were incredibly relatable. It was a home hit when the song’s title was repeated in the chorus: “It’s The Time of Your Life, So Live It Well.” I never anticipated that a Disney movie’s little song would have such an impact. As we approach 2023, it quickly turned into a motto for me.

So how does this relate to your new year and making amends for anything that hasn’t gone as planned, expected, or wished for? There is always NOW, no matter how much you have screwed up or strayed from the road. You can alter with just one choice. Make it the time of your life, whether you are 1 or 10, 25, 40 or 90, or anywhere in between or beyond. Live it well while you’re at it as well. You’ll note that I avoided using the word “successfully.” The idea is sound. This refers to doing your best and following your instincts.

You set objectives with no framework or concrete steps

The first step is making a resolution. It’s great to have goals. A mantra and affirmations are great. What transpired, though, once you made your commitment or aim known orally or in writing? What occurred after you chanted your mantra ten times and read your affirmation aloud to yourself in the mirror and on the wall every time you woke up or urinated? You set a goal without any sort of strategy, and that’s the key! Or, even worse, you only resolved to do anything.

The first problem is that you were or are setting resolutions or goals without any support. If I declare, “I want to lose weight this year,” that’s all it is—a prospective goal couched as an idea that hopes to pass for a vow. The objective “I will lose 15 pounds in three months” is more specific. I can then take concrete efforts to accomplish this aim.

The second problem is whether or not you took any concrete steps. You made a bad plan, so you made a bad plan. You are currently enjoying the rewards. A plan is more than just setting a goal. Here is an example of a plan and some achievable targets if you were trying to lose weight:

Steps You Can Take

In three months, I want to drop 15 pounds.
Month 1: In order to lose 5 pounds in the first month, I will alter my eating patterns and keep a food diary.
Month 2: To drop 5 pounds, I’ll power walk daily for 20 minutes.
Month 3: In order to shed the final 5 pounds, I will increase my power walking to 30 minutes per day and incorporate intermittent fasting on 2 days each week.

Once more, there is a significant distinction between a resolution and a goal.

These definitions make it clear why making resolutions is a recipe for failure. A resolution is merely a choice or decision. It doesn’t actually possess any power. You decided, which is excellent. But did you follow through and put it into practise? A goal demonstrates aspiration for a desired outcome. This indicates that it is motivated and driven by passion. As a result, you will be more likely to take action to achieve your goal. After considering how setting goals versus making resolutions may set us up for failure, let’s discuss how to correct this. To put it simply, make a plan. (which you saw an example above). However, how do you make a plan and actionable steps like I did above?

Establish the procedures and materials required to bring your dream to life. The “Be. Do. Have.” concept by Robert Kiyosaki is my go-to method for setting objectives and figuring out how to achieve them. Simply said, you list three things: what you want to be, what you need to do, and what you already have. I’ll break down and explain the “Be. Do. Have” concept as follows: What is it that you need, want, or want to be? Do: What measures must I take to get it, or what will I do to get it? Have: What do you already have that will enable you to achieve your goal or what do you need to advance?

Need some easy-to-follow actions?

Consider this: if an idea is so simple, why isn’t it a part of your life or everyday routine if it seems too obvious or like anything you have heard before? Since simple is not always easy. We humans love to make things complicated. We shall be far from the practises of Stoic thought unless we learn about our ego, fears, stress, and so much more. A lifetime of learning and development is involved. Therefore, study the description, pay attention to my audio explanation, and take action even though some of these actionable activities’ titles appear simple.
There is always new information to learn. happy new year Happy new year, now, week, month, and above all, you.

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