What Do You Do On Weekends?


Spend your weekend creating the life you want rather than attempting to run away from it.

The outcomes you experience in life are influenced by more than just what you accomplish from Monday through Friday. The activities you engage in on the weekends have an impact on your profession, happiness, finances, and health. Some people lead such extravagant lives on the weekends that it causes many important aspects of their lives to suffer. The remainder of the week is spent having to make up the lost time. Others find that the weekend acts as a motivator for development. Let’s examine four wise practises successful people engage in on the weekends that offer them a competitive edge throughout the rest of the week.

Use the weekend to advance rather than to go backward

This does not imply that you should cease having fun on the weekends, including hanging out with friends, playing video games, and other activities. The opposite. If I were to give up all of that, the weekends would be miserable.Being truthful with oneself is crucial, though. Do you only use the weekend as an opportunity to get away from your daily life? Or do you enjoy yourself and make progress in life over the weekend? Your health will decline, for instance, if you binge drink every weekend. Your finances will suffer if you spend a lot of money at the club or go shopping every weekend.

And it will affect your ability to think clearly if you spend a lot of time watching Netflix every weekend. All in all, you’re using the weekend to escape the life you have instead of creating the life you desire if practically every weekend is occupied with activities that carry you backward and barely with habits that move you forward. You can put the following habits into practise throughout the weekend to advance and build the life you want:

  • Plan your own finances for 30 minutes, and spend that time researching investments to create financial security.
  • To create lasting relationships, spend time with the people you love.
  • Exercise helps boost your energy and develop a fit, powerful body
  • Consult books on business or self-improvement or articles on your field.
  • To improve brain clarity and generate innovative thoughts, take a phone-free stroll in the outdoors.
  • Learn more about the world by watching a documentary.
  • Purchase healthful food for the full week at the grocery store.

Again, I want to stress that having fun and letting off steam are both perfectly acceptable. It’s healthful in the proper dosage. In other words, during the weekends, I hang out with friends, watch amusing YouTube videos, and play video games. But watch out for activities that merely serve to deteriorate your mental clarity, financial stability, or physical health during the weekend. Don’t do something that you won’t later regret.

Organize your week in advance

You may build a clear action plan for the week by organising your full week. You are immediately aware of your priorities and what to concentrate on. You will become much more effective, goal-oriented, and deliberate with your time as a result over the whole week. Planning, as they say, guards against subpar performance. Despite the effectiveness of planning, most people fail to adequately schedule their days and weeks. The fact is that if you don’t arrange your time wisely, it will likely be wasted or ineffectively used. Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher, once stated: “People are thrifty when it comes to protecting their personal property, but they are most wasteful when it comes to wasting time, which is the one area in which it is appropriate to be frugal.”

You know, the majority of people claim to wish to increase their income, improve their love lives, get in better shape, and accomplish other lofty objectives. However, it usually remains only a wish for most people. They do not make a lot of progress towards these goals on a weekly basis. A detailed plan is rarely developed from these goals by most people. You won’t succeed if you don’t make a plan, so make one now. even if your intentions are good.

According to one study, those who use a timetable and plan their behaviours have a 3x higher success rate of sticking to them than those who simply had good intentions but didn’t follow through. In other words, having the best intentions alone is insufficient. Being motivated on your own is insufficient. Planning is necessary if you want to get closer to your objectives. One of the most successful productivity tips is this one. I schedule my entire week in advance every Sunday because of this. I take a look at my long-term objectives and make sure that at least 4 hours each weekday are devoted to moving towards these objectives. I refer to this process as “goal-oriented” scheduling.

You desire to learn a new language. Determine precisely when you will practise this week. Do you wish to publish more articles? Set out time in your schedule to write without interruptions. Would you like to launch your side business? Schedule time slots for working on it on your calendar. You’ll be intentional with your time, focused on moving closer to your long-term goals, and less reactive to the “busyness” and “mood” of the day if you make a detailed plan for the coming week. You are already one step ahead of everyone else when your weekly plan represents your objectives, ambitions, and dreams.

Weekend consumption takes precedence over weekday production

The weekdays should be primarily devoted to generating (results, content, high-quality production), whereas the weekend is the ideal time for consumption. I’m not referring to watching Netflix or using social media, although I do think you should have time for those activities on the weekends if you want to. We are all fallible. I’m explicitly referring to reading material that advances your knowledge, wisdom, and competence – ideally so you can achieve better results during the workweek.

Because the emphasis is on creating throughout the week, you could be too busy to read books, attend classes, or learn in other ways. But during the weekends, you typically have more time to spend consuming information that will progress your life and profession. Use the weekend to obtain a “wisdom edge” by reading Medium articles, watching documentaries, reading non-fiction novels, or researching your sector. Those that continuously gain new skills and advance themselves are the ones who succeed.

Have Fun

You deserve to have a fun weekend if you work hard during the week. Again, you don’t want the weekend to set you behind; nevertheless, you also want to enjoy yourself and loosen up a little. You see, the emphasis is primarily on the things you shouldn’t or can’t do, particularly in the self-development sector. According to some experts, you should stop watching Netflix, playing video games, and attending social events so that you may focus on your side business. However, where’s the joy in that? If I gave up all of the items, I’d turn into a cranky old woman.

And trust me, skipping out on the enjoyment won’t improve your performance throughout the week either. In fact, research have found that cheerful people are 13% more productive daily than miserable people. You deserve to have fun when you accomplish excellent things throughout the week and even on the weekends when you maintain certain productive habits. It’s your party, so do whatever you want with it whether that’s binge-watching your favourite Netflix series, playing video games, or engaging in more active pastimes outdoors. You make the decision.

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  1. cadeegirl5 says:

    You are so on point! I have just planned my weekend. I have some books I am going to finish reading and then I am going to go for a walk to clear my mind and heart. And then do something fun with my loved ones.

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    1. GS says:

      That’s great. If you string enough stolen moments together, you might surprise yourself how much time you have. We need to stop wishing the week away to Friday and start focusing on finding moments of joy throughout your day when you need it the most.


  2. fizairfan says:

    You covered each aspect perfectly! On weekends, I usually read books and perform extra chores of day-to-day life, and try to spend some quality time with my family 🌸

    Liked by 2 people

    1. GS says:

      “Reading can even relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.”

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      1. fizairfan says:


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  3. Gloria says:

    This is so true. A great reminder as well, I needed this today. Thank you🤗

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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome, Gloria. Have a great weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gloria says:

        Thanks, you too

        Liked by 1 person

      2. GS says:

        Thank you

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