What Is Self Love?

Everyone is capable of loving themselves. But self love isn’t anything you can buy, it’s about how you feel about yourself. So, how do you feel about yourself?

Unconditional love, acceptance, and respect of oneself are all components of self-love. Whatever you do, you will always end up liking yourself more if you have unconditional self-love. Love for oneself is a process. It’s not as simple as do re mi or as easy as 123 to love oneself. It is a challenging job. You will always begin to doubt your value after a failure, and that is unhealthy. You will need to work hard and put up your best effort if you want to develop self-love. You must give it everything you have.

The most significant kind of love we may experience is self-love. Without our own practice, no one else can make us feel joyful and appreciated. Never associate narcissism or a large ego with the concept of self-love. Not really. It is love for oneself. Selfishness means not prioritising yourself over others. Self-love is the term for it. To continually put oneself first at the expense of others is not the definition of self-love. Only you will genuinely grasp what is best for you; others may misunderstand you.

Why is loving oneself so important? Your ability to honestly and selflessly love without wanting anything in return begins with loving yourself. If you can’t love yourself first, you can’t love someone else sincerely. If others know you are frail and weak, they will always take you for granted. Being able to love yourself is the most potent weapon you can use against those who enjoy taking advantage of you. Self-love is crucial because it may fulfil our souls and bring us true happiness. We can find happiness through it.

Since you are the one person who will remain with you forever, learn to appreciate yourself because people will eventually leave you behind. The strength of all other connections cannot compare to the power of your love for yourself. No breakthrough is necessary to develop a relationship with yourself; all that is needed is for you to put your needs first. The cultivation of self-love is a need if you yearn for an intimate relationship like other people do. Because love necessitates self-love, the golden rule instructs us to treat others with the same respect as ourselves. Some challenges and hardships along the way to self-acceptance will undoubtedly strengthen you in the end.

How does one come to love oneself? Knowing to love oneself entails knowing how to take good care of both your physical and mental health. Always focus on loving and envisioning the best for yourself. It is about respecting who you are now and who you will be when you go through the various seasons in the future. It involves knowing your value and resisting the urge to doubt it. You can look everywhere in the cosmos for someone who deserves your love and affection more than you do, but that person is nowhere to be found, said Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. As much as anybody else in the universe, you are deserving of love and affection.

Being able to love oneself is a virtue. Admire yourself, embrace who you are, extend forgiveness to yourself, and above all, don’t accept less.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that being able to love oneself is a virtue. At our gym, we strive to create a safe and empowering space where women can embrace their bodies, fitness goals, and overall well-being without judgment. Thanks for this post, very encouraging.

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    1. GS says:

      What you do at your gym is very encouraging because a negative culture is a reason why I detest gyms. The secret to loving your body is actually loving yourself, and that means being mindful of how you treat yourself. Remember that the journey to achieving self-love is love itself. Each day, note a few ways that you could have been kinder or more appreciative of yourself, and try to practice this in new ways.


  2. Mauro's Life says:

    Wow! Nice post for real!

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Mauro.

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      1. Mauro's Life says:

        No, thank you!

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  3. sicetnon3 says:

    “Being able to love yourself is the most potent weapon you can use against those who enjoy taking advantage of you.” From my perspective. Love of any sort cannot be used as a weapon. That would go against the very nature of love

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    1. GS says:

      The word weapon, is only used figuratively not literally 😇

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      1. sicetnon3 says:

        Tell me about the figurative use of “weapon”

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      2. GS says:

        The figurative use of the word weapon has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is often used in political discourse to refer to any type of tool that can be used for strategic advantage. It is also commonly employed in literature and other forms of media, where it conveys a sense of strength and capability. By understanding the various uses of the word “weapon”, we can gain insight into how power dynamics are shaped by language and how we use language as a form of communication

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      3. sicetnon3 says:

        Yes, figurative speech can give us insight. Like, “Language is war where words are used as weapons.” I think that might be what you are saying in a nutshell.

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      4. sicetnon3 says:

        So some suggest we enter the silence to avoid the war. From my perspective, that may be a form of flight (as in flee or flight). As such, it perpetuates our dualistic perspective of reality (either/or). So, what might love compel us to do?

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      5. GS says:

        Silence is an important tool for avoiding war. In times of conflict, we should be mindful of the power of silence and its ability to de-escalate tensions and help us reach a peaceful resolution. Silence can provide an opportunity to reflect on our own beliefs, as well as those of our opponents, and can give us the space to come up with creative solutions that would not have been possible in a more heated environment. By entering into silence, we can create a safe space for meaningful dialogue and understanding between conflicting parties.

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      6. sicetnon3 says:

        Yes, I am reminded of “7 o’clock News/Silent Night” by Simon and Garfunkel during the Vietnam War. I think that is a good illustration of what you are saying.

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