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This rarely-used tactic attracts new readers and keeps fans interested throughout the entire year.

“Build it, and they will come.” A farmer was inspired to construct a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield by that line from the 1989 drama Field of Dreams. The phrase asserts that if you just begin a project, it will be successful. We bloggers and website owners are eager to embrace that war cry. Oh, if only it were real! However, if you’ve been writing online for any amount of time, you’re aware that running a successful blog or website involves more than just starting one. Build the foundation of your website, sure; that’s the first stage. Creating a following, though? That long-term project was completed by implementing important tactics like…

  • Publishing high-quality content regularly over time
  • Focusing on a particular audience
  • Using high-value keywords to improve search engine rankings and help consumers find sites naturally

All checked off. If that describes you and you have these fundamentals in place, there’s another rarely-used tactic that you could have overlooked when developing your website or blog and expanding your audience. Be aware that this approach is not a miraculous solution before you get too enthused. Instead, it’s a straightforward way to support the excellent content, audience targeting, and SEO practises you’ve already developed. Consistency is provided by this tactic. Building your audience by including three different types of articles on your website is the goal of the plan.

3 sorts of content that attract consistent traffic. The needs of readers are met by these many article types all year long. Because of this, integrating them into your website is a long-term growth plan, just like SEO and methodical posting. Consider including these several article types in your publication mix if you don’t already. Here is how they assist in developing your website and expanding your fan base.

  1. Timeless articles

When you post an evergreen or timeless article, it is still current. And they continue to be important for a very long time. How-to guides, checklists, and pitfalls to avoid Glossaries, case studies, and other sorts of evergreen content with enduring value are a few examples. Evergreen pages frequently become the most visited on a website. Because of this, marketing professionals estimate that evergreen articles account for 80% or more of the material on the most popular websites. Additionally, evergreens are automatically well-optimized with relevant keywords. To keep these articles fresh, you should frequently update evergreen material with the most recent stats and fresh information. However, evergreen content will continue to generate consistent traffic even if you leave them to their own devices.

Why? Read on. The kind of evergreen content that attracts readers does not merely recycle previous writers’ work. Yes, you definitely want to be sure to include reliable facts that will stand the test of time. But an established, timeless piece presents your particular perspective, insight, or slant on that subject. Let’s take the scenario where you write about resources for parents who homeschool their children and are a part of a consortium or group. You’ve published an article with the title “How Homeschooling Groups Can Use Local Weather Events to Teach Meteorology.” Every month, the article receives a lot of hits. Why? What is its evergreen nature?

You wrote an article about a common subject (weather) that is taught to many students (meteorology), one that pertains to homeschoolers worldwide and perhaps even a few classroom teachers. The post stands out from the many others that describe how homeschoolers might teach meteorology, though. It offers a special perspective. You’ve demonstrated to readers how they can tailor the weather lessons they read to their unique local circumstances. You’ve found an angle for your content that can bring in consistent visitors.

  1. Seasonal content

Seasonal articles, or content that focuses on a particular occasion, holiday, fad, or time of year, can also be used to constantly boost visitors. The timeline distinguishes a strong evergreen article from a strong seasonal piece. All year long, evergreen articles draw readers. Seasonal articles hold up better over time because of their sporadic traffic increases. Seasonal content ought to be incorporated into your long-term growth strategy for this reason. It also demonstrates a further benefit of seasonal article writing. With the exception of holidays, these articles are suitable for different readers who reside in various climates or hemispheres at various periods of the year. And when you publish different seasonal articles for different times of the year, such as articles for summer activities with preschoolers, articles about graduation gifts for May and December, and articles about travelling in the winter, those particular pages will grow in popularity during those specific seasons.

  1. News items

Current events are covered in a news story. It has a deadline and is currently of interest. News article subjects include, for example, a court decision, a World Cup victory, election results, an accident, a robbery report, the debut of a new product, and the publication of a medical report. However, prominent figures cover current events. There are reporters on the ground for major news networks. How can a sole proprietor, a blogger, or a tiny company compete? Additionally, even if you post a breaking news article, the spike in traffic would quickly fade until you covered another news topic. Can the inclusion of news items in a long-term growth plan be justified?

Three core strategies—targeted readers, high-quality content, and SEO—should be in place if you want to expand the audience for your website. However, change up your growth plan by include a variety of content. Produce news pieces, articles for specific seasons, and evergreen content. For each of these several article kinds, find a special perspective or a personal angle to make it meaningful to your viewers. When you develop articles and posts strategically, the adage “build it and they will come” works. It appears that the motto may not be as utopian as first thought.

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