Listening To My Feelings


While considering the law of attraction, focus your mind on how you are feeling rather than what you want.

You might still be having trouble understanding the endlessly baffling idea that thoughts create things if you’re new to studying the law of attraction or other universal laws. Our thoughts originate in the energetic world. Just like real objects and materials, every idea has a vibration. When the same or similar thoughts are running through your mind repeatedly throughout the day with great passion and zest, the Universe is forced to rearrange events, people, and things in order to manifest these thoughts in the actual world.

We are not merely makers by default, as Abraham Hicks reminds us; we were all born to be purposeful creators. Through the human experience, we have the chance to pay attention to our purposeful vibration so we can happily manifest our reality. To respond to events beyond of our control was not how we were designed. Our vibration and the vibration of the thing we’re asking for are two different vibrations. Each of us is an individual with unique goals and values, some of which might not be compatible with our aspirations for the future. Even though it’s much easier said than done, it’s crucial to just concentrate on what we do want.

Additionally, there is a problem with toxic optimism, which is unrelated to the message. Abraham Hicks and other spiritual teachers who follow the law of attraction as well as other natural laws value the diversity of emotions, encourage healthy emotional expression, and take the time to work on their own inner healing.

What’s Resistance

There will always be traces of resistance when we desire something so intensely that we are interested in finding out how to make this person, location, or object real. Human nature makes it commonplace. Unfortunately, you may be assured that you have something if you want it so much and are actively attempting to NOT encounter resistance. Resistance indicates that you are communicating conflicting messages to the cosmos. You are transmitting feelings of lack (not having anything), as well as feelings of want and longing (the same thing you are telling the universe you don’t want). Major manifestation delays may result from this. Acting as though you already have what you want and honestly accepting life as it is and being content with not having it are the only ways to overcome resistance. The sense of being in alignment with having no opposition and still being able to maintain your confidence that your manifestation would materialise is tough to describe.

Why It’s Beneficial to Pay Attention to Our Emotions

Abraham Hicks asserts that emotion serves as a gauge of your current level of power. We gain insight when we are aware of all emotions and keep that knowledge; nevertheless, we are not obligated to act on them. We can tell how much alignment we are using and allowing into our experience by how we feel. When life presents us with a difficulty or a question, it also offers us a solution. Whose opinions, convictions, and emotions should I let to influence me? we might ask. Should I take on my parents’ beliefs and values, learn to agree with the philosophies I have studied in school, or leave everything up to a higher force and assume no responsibility for the direction of my life? Abraham says that we ought to follow our own instincts.

Whenever We Have Free Will, We Are Free

The idea that our lives are created and predetermined from beginning to end by a greater, all-powerful force by which many individuals who identify with a particular faith frequently believe in destiny. I’ve never been good at accepting the notion of fate. I grew up thinking that every decision I made was directing me down a new, uncharted route. I made the decision to hold the belief that anything is genuinely possible. Then I learned about Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret. It was an intensive crash course that served as my introduction to the law of attraction. I experienced freedom and control over my life as I read the book. I started delving farther down the rabbit hole of what this all meant because it all made sense.

When I realised I hadn’t been brought up with these values, I made the decision to adopt them right now and to keep researching the most effective methods for using my thoughts and deeds to bring about the life I desired. I figured it out at last. Nothing was decided about me. I did. I could go wherever I want to go using my free will. It was my duty to look after my life. Life would give me what I deserved if I behaved irresponsibly, made bad decisions, or gained a bad attitude. I began to control my thoughts because I felt more empowered. Things then became a little complicated.

Constraints of Belief

When I first began to become more conscious of my thoughts, repeated beliefs and dreams, urges, and reactions to annoyances around me, I understood that I was conjuring precisely what I didn’t want. As a persistent complainer, I kept repeating the same grievances. I could feel the resistance when I was pushed to my limit. Depression and anxiety evolved as a result. I started to address one problem at a time while engaging in the worst kind of negative self-talk.

The most significant thing is that I discovered how it feels to generate anything without resistance, and I do this frequently in my life. Smaller benefits like receiving a free fro-yo, a good parking spot, unanticipated cash back, or other things also count sometimes. Other times, it involves more significant events, such as being unexpectedly offered a full-time job or being accepted into a programme. As of right now, I am aware that I am the source of my own power. The world I live in is something I made. Whether it’s for the better or worse, I draw people who reflect me. I am kind to myself and others. Despite the fact that I have much potential for development in every aspect of my life, I accept myself as I am and am grateful for each day that I am alive.

Putting LOA to Work in Your Life

Even when they are unable to produce anything truly substantial for themselves, many spiritual “gurus” attempt to appear knowledgeable. While promoting a successful, contented, and financially free lifestyle is simple, achieving it and keeping it up is more challenging. Learn how to include positive affirmations into your daily routine by starting small, and gradually change simple lifestyle behaviours. Raising your vibration takes effort to sustain, just like improving other aspects of your health does.

Hello Everyone, finally published my new book “Focus”. In this book, I took a poetic licence in considering the spiritual aspect of focus, which has rarely been done. Other books focus on the practical aspect and tell you to do this and that, but in my book, I discuss how we can find focus within ourselves without relying on an action-oriented approach. Any purchases or KDP reads will be greatly appreciated. If you like my books, do leave a review. Here’s my author page on Amazon –


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  1. Lori says:

    I like learning more about you as a person, Garima. Interesting to note that you weren’t raised with these beliefs. I don’t know many who were, including myself. It took a difficult time in my life to seek out answers. So many aren’t even aware of the power they have. How did this message get lost for us? (rhetorical question).

    I really enjoyed this post. If it’s all right with you, I might quote you on my Friday quotes some time. Of course, I will credit you and put links up to you and your book(s). I’m just not sure when yet, but if it’s a problem, let me know. I’ll understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Hey Lori, please feel free to share the message. I am delighted to know you found my post worth sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Thank you!


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