Why You Should Start Writing


Even if you are not a writer, you should write as there are various benefits of writing.

The reasons we write, how we started writing, and why we keep writing are countless as authors in a community of other writers. Every individual’s motivation for writing is based on a particular story. The importance of writing in our life, whether we are readers or writers, I believe you will realise soon. You might even decide to start writing yourself after reading this article, hopefully! Before we get into this, there are a few things I want you to understand since everyone writes for various reasons. The reasons why people choose to start writing in the first place are a few common themes among writers that are shared by this particular group.

There is a want to produce something of value and a seek for something meaningful. Each writer possesses an artist’s heart and the will to share it with the world. The writer and reader develop a close bond. The written words on the page open a window into the author’s world. Whether the words are typed on a computer or written using a pen and paper, if the writer hadn’t taken the initiative, the experience and shared relationship would not have been able to flow. The writer initiates action and takes a leap of faith, exposing their inner workings to the world for all to see.

Writing and publishing freely and openly carries a significant risk. Readers and reviewers have the option of applauding and receiving content politely or simply tearing it to pieces. You devote time and care to every aspect of your work as an artist. Your work is done with passion, grit, and dedication. Your work is an example of who you are and what you love and want to achieve. You put your whole being into anything you produce because it is inextricably linked to you, will always be a part of you, and will always be a part of who you are.

And even when the work turns into a grisly chore, the artist is still motivated to work hard and move forward in order to produce something that is worthwhile and excellent. This opens the door for unlimited potential in that newly formed relationship when the reader starts skimming the writer’s words. A long-term commitment and possibly a worthwhile time investment is the consistent reading of daily or weekly posts by a certain author, writer, or blogger. A reader might start reading not just as a regular consumer of content but also as a sincere listener to the heart that is beneath the words being written, which can have numerous benefits.

The writer invests in their readers in the shared experience between writer and reader by continuing to offer true, honest information that the writer believes is deserving of being shared. By following the author’s most recent entries, articles, or publications and offering critically crucial suggestions and helpful criticism to help the author improve his or her skill, the reader makes an investment in the author. However, there is such a high risk involved in these back-and-forth movements that it makes many authors and many artists as well susceptible to the ideas and judgements of that audience. As a writer, I have first-hand experience with that risk.

I can understand how it feels to lose sight of the original motivation for my own writing. I am familiar with the sensation of being lost in a book’s words. I too understand how it feels to create quality work during an emotional outburst with such openness that it would be horrifying to think making it available to the whole world. Instead, I frequently store it as a private draught for my own eyes only. I am familiar with what it feels like to be in the midst of forward-thinking inspiration when starting to write a brand-new, exciting piece that I want to share with my readers in a notebook or on a blank piece of paper.

I can relate to how it feels to be running a race, reach the third mile when I’m about to give up, and then all of a sudden experience a “runner’s high” bliss that encourages me to keep going and keep running. To continue writing in this instance. The road of writing. There are ups and downs in life. I am being sincere. It is risky and susceptible to write. Some people may find writing to be impossible or even life-threatening (have you heard of writer’s block?). But if you don’t already, I want to encourage you to think about writing or journaling for yourself.

Even if you write for yourself and no one else, you can still experience significant personal and interpersonal growth. This is, in my opinion, the best position for a writer to be in if they want to avoid losing themselves in their work. You’re not the only one who has been considering writing for some time but has put it off because they feel too busy, overburdened, and clogged up with life. There is no need for concern. Simply writing a few phrases before bed or for two to five minutes in the morning can be the beginning. A few sentences quickly turn into paragraphs, and a few sentences fill a whole page.

What’s next? What happens to your writing after you’ve filled the page? You flip to the following page. An entirely new slate. A new beginning or the following crucial step on a worthwhile journey. Every new page offers you a fresh blank slate on which to paint, to write and on which to start planning a unique trip. Each new page can serve as a fresh diary entry or even a continuation of the writing you started on the previous page. With repetition and ritual, pages upon pages can be written, and you… yes YOU can realise that in fact you ARE a Writer—and you ARE an Artist.

Writers write for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. to let out their frequently jumbled and muddled thoughts, which serves as a powerful outlet for stress relief and grounding.
  2. To make a speech in front of an audience and air a grievance
  3. To build and maintain relationships with individuals throughout the world
  4. To exchange information about their lives, travels, and experiences
  5. To assist readers by instructing or motivating a readership to gain better knowledge, expertise, or proficiency in any field, including parenting, puppy training, mountain climbing, or baking.
  6. To discover peace and tranquilly in the midst of a life that is exceedingly hectic and hectic, a haven created through the writing process and its fulfilment.
  7. I dare you to look for the writer who steps forward with pride and skill among the hundreds of thousands of letters, words, and phrases that are all connected by just one particular thread of commonality.

Take the initiative and begin writing right now. Start by leaving a few remarks here and there, perhaps even on the article you are currently reading. Start your own diary entry or take out that long-forgotten, dusty pocket journal that has been residing in your closet. Find the reasons why you want to write, pursue them, and then stay on course.Grab what educators of the past referred to as our ‘best writing instruments’ and pick up a pencil even better if it needs sharpening and a thin, crisp, clean sheet of paper to experience the freedom and power of creation you hold in your hands. Feel your heart urging you to put what is in your mind or in your spirit on the physical page in front of you or the document on your gadget. Make something that deserves your stamp of approval. Make something that is reader-worthy. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Writing changed my life, and I’m ready to wager that it will change yours as well. Good Luck, my friends, in your good works. Go. Write.

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  1. gpavants says:

    Garima, Yes, very therapeutic for sure. I do try and write daily. It does help to keep creativity alive.

    Have a good weekend,


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    1. GS says:

      It’s nice to hear from you Gary. Hope all is well. Writing sounds the soul and grounds us.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. GS says:

        Glad you agree


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