Starting Small Has Huge Potential


Let’s explore some realistic micro habits that can completely transform your life in a year.

I’m not happy with most micro habit lists. Get up at 4 AM. Take showers that are icy cold. Daily water consumption of 1-3 litres.Gods may be able to do it, but not me. Accuse me of being ungodly, but I attempted these practises. My mood was terrible. And you did, too, I’ll guarentee. That is not what life is about, at all. In order to find microhabits with scientific support that didn’t deplete my spirit and, more significantly, genuinely made me feel good, I searched the internet.

1. Squat a few times while you brush your teeth. I don’t have time is my go-to justification for skipping a workout day. I can use this technique to get a good stretch and at least 4 minutes of daily leg and spine workout.

  • 5 long, slow sumo squats.
  • Do five feet-touching squats.
  • Squat for thirty seconds.
  • Extend your legs.

It was difficult at first, but it was still far easier than holding a plank, so I just did it in the mornings. Then I began doing it in the evenings as well. Exercise after 7 PM may keep some individuals awake, but it doesn’t affect my ability to sleep. Squats cause the erector spinae to contract, according to a research in The Journal of Human Kinetics, 4 times more than planks.

2. Use a smaller plate when dining -Smaller plates might make it appear as though there is a greater portion on them, which makes individuals feel fuller and less compelled to eat more. Furthermore, smaller plates might make it easier for people to serve themselves less food, which could assist to keep calorie intake under control. Even though this advice greatly helped me, finding a balance that works for you and taking a variety of aspects into account when attempting to lose weight, such as physical activity, nutrition, and general lifestyle, is crucial.

3. Push your butt all the way to the chair’s back. Oh yes, your mother was correct; sitting with your butt all the way back in the chair will help to maintain good posture and lessen stress on the back and neck. Your risk of experiencing pain or discomfort can be decreased when you sit upright with your back straight and your feet flat on the ground. Additionally, good posture can aid in:

  • Breathing
  • Digestion
  • Musculoskeletal issues

It’s crucial to pay attention to your sitting position and make an effort to sit in a way that feels comfortable and maintains the natural curvature of your spine. Your chair may need to be adjusted, or you may want to attempt a new seating posture, if you discover that leaning back all the way in it is uncomfortable or impractical.

4. Disable YouTube’s autoplay function. An infinite cycle of watching videos might result from autoplay. It is simple to get sucked into watching one video after another, which might result in feelings of agitation or irritation if the subject matter is uninteresting or unsatisfying. By disabling autoplay, you can watch videos with greater awareness and purpose, which may help to alleviate feelings of stress or burnout. This can be crucial if you’re dealing with mental health concerns and need to put self-care and self-compassion first.

5. Call an elderly person in your life for five minutes everyday. Someone else’s day can be made in 5 minutes by your call. Due to physical restrictions or social isolation strategies, elderly individuals may be increasingly isolated and lonely; a phone call might offer much-needed social support and connection. A sympathetic ear can sometimes mean more to them than words, so you don’t even need to say much. Making phone calls to the people in your life can be an easy and heartfelt method to express your gratitude and admiration for them. Reaching out and making a connection can be a simple but effective method to recognise the experiences and contributions of elderly people and let them know that they are valued.

6. Schedule certain times when you’ll be lazy. Laziness is both enjoyable and unpleasant to feel. Your subconscious keeps telling you to make better use of your time, it’s like a little voice in your head. Laziness loses its appeal as a result. I began using a number of strategies, including scheduling intentional downtime so I could indulge in whatever I wanted guilt-free. By scheduling downtime, you may lessen your risk of becoming burned out and make sure you have the strength and resources to fulfil your obligations.

7. One hour before to going to bed, set your smart light to red. Because blue light has a high concentration of short-wavelength light, which can block the generation of melatonin and make it more difficult to fall asleep, blue light from electronic devices like smartphones and laptops may disturb sleep. In contrast, red light has a longer wavelength and is less likely to interfere with melatonin production. According to several studies, red light at night may shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and enhance the quality of sleep. While further study is required to determine how light affects sleep, setting your smart light to red or another warm colour an hour before bed may help to create a restful sleeping environment. It’s crucial to take into account additional elements that affect the quality of sleep, such as personal preferences and sleep hygiene. According to a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, exposure to red lights for 30 minutes significantly increased melatonin levels and the quality of sleep.

Bonus: Never break a habit for two days in a row. It’s natural and sometimes understandable to skip a routine once, but doing so twice in a row may disturb the habit and make it more challenging to get back on track. I believe it takes time and work to develop and maintain habits, and consistency is key to ingraining them into your daily routine. When you skip a habit twice in a row, it might cause a void in your routine and be more difficult to resume since you may need to start the habit-building process all over again. The perfect micro habit does not exist. What makes you happy, keep it. Remove what causes grumpiness and do what makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

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      I love lazy time too…


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