How To Market Your Books Online


The majority of people don’t realize that writing a book is actually the simpler portion of the process.

We all have a lot to say about our areas of interest and are enthused about what we are enthusiastic about. But then what? “Just writing your works isn’t sufficient. It doesn’t necessarily follow that someone will want to read what you write, particularly if they are unaware that it exists.

Start Your Marketing Efforts As Soon As You Can

Waiting until the book is about to release or after it releases to start the advertising is one of the errors that many people make when it comes to booking marketing. While it is correct that you will want to promote the book vigorously during that time, you ought to have begun your campaign well in advance of that. Starting earlier than your intended book publication date is ideal. “In this manner, you can start to create interest in the work and a readership. Regardless of your level of experience or lack thereof as a writer, this technique will be useful.

Be sure to stay active on social media, your blog or website, etc. during the period leading up to the release of your book. Start promoting your brand by talking about your book, your industry, or your genre. Do a cover reveal as soon as you have your book’s design in hand. You should do whatever you can to improve your promotion.

Leverage Social Media, But Wisely

When you’re promoting a book, social media can be a wonderful ally for you. You must, however, be certain that you are employing it properly. This implies that you shouldn’t devote all of your social media time to promoting your book and attempting to increase sales. To be sociable, you need to use social media. Make a connection with the followers, engage in conversation, and ask and respond to queries. Don’t only talk about your book when you write. Make sure you are posting about other topics in your genre, your area of expertise, or simply some topics that you find amusing and fascinating.

Make A Good Quality Website

These days, every person requires a high-quality website. Whether it’s a sizable multinational company, a small shop selling handmade dice, or an author, it doesn’t matter. People can learn a lot about you and the books you give on your website, which is one of the places where they can do so. Some components of your website are required. The ones that you will require are:

– Author Bio 
– All Available Books (with links) 
– Contact Form 
– Mailing List Registration
– A Media Page and 
– A blog

Why a Blog Is Necessary

You ought to have a blog that you post frequently on your website. The title of your book and similar terms and phrases that are used as Amazon keywords should be some of the keywords you use frequently in your blog. A blog can constantly supply your website with new material, which is one of its great advantages. This will enable it to rank better in search results. If someone is not on Amazon and is searching on Google for books similar to what you write, there is a high chance they will discover your website.

Start Building an Email List

A mailing list is a must-have for authors. Whether you are just beginning or have been composing for a while is irrelevant. Everybody benefits from email groups. They are a good method to gauge the size of your audience and the number of potential book buyers, to start. Having a tiny email list at the moment because this is your first book shouldn’t worry you. It’ll expand. Make sure it’s simple for visitors to join your email list on your website, and advertise it there as well as in the back of your books. Like social media, your email list aids in developing relationships with users. Future sales are likely to increase thanks to devoted customers. Additionally, because you basically have a built-in audience, marketing will be simpler.

Make the Email Interesting

Make joining and staying on your email list or magazine worthwhile for the person if you want them to do so. This has several implications. First of all, you don’t want to bombard them with texts all the time. Typically, you only need to send one email per month, or even per quarter. Second, material that will benefit them should be included in the email. This could be a chapter preview, the cover being revealed before others, etc. Even better, it might refer to a free short tale featuring the book’s characters. Consider the preferences of your target audience and include those additions.

YouTube and Podcasts

This type of promotion can be time-consuming, but it is a good way to discover readers who aren’t actively searching for books. People enjoy podcasts and videos, so if you have any suggestions for this kind of content, you can use them to encourage people to read your book. You can reach an audience you wouldn’t have otherwise reached by creating video content or podcasts about your genre, profession, etc. Some of them might purchase your novel or audiobook.

Get Additional Revenue

In addition, if the podcasts or videos become successful, you might be paid for the time you spent producing them through ad income. With the content you produce, this might give you yet another method to monetize it.

Have Meaningful Conversations with Readers

Look for opportunities to engage with your readers, both present and potential. Social media, messaging, and other channels could all be used for this. The objective is to demonstrate that you are paying attention to and actively engaging with your audience. Of course, this does not imply that you will follow their recommendations regarding the style and content of your books or tales. However, engaging with viewers can encourage greater loyalty on their part. Even if they haven’t read your book, the manner you speak to them might entice them to do so.

Connecting With Fellow Authors

Connecting with other authors is a smart notion, just as connecting with readers is. Since we are all writers, it is best to encourage and support one another. Make friends with writers who write in related areas and genres. Engage in online communication with them and introduce yourself. There’s a high chance that they have readers who might be interested in the kind of content you’re producing, and vice versa.

Brainstorm Websites That Promote Books

Consider some of the various book promotion “services” that are offered if you want to have a fairly simple method to promote your book. The characteristics of the services and their prices can change. You can look them over and decide if any of those marketing services would be a good fit for your books.

– BooksBub
– Bargain Booksy
– ManyBooks
– BookSends
– Books Butterfly

Your daily sales could rise by several hundred thanks to promotions on some of these websites. Many writers consider BookBub to be the best of the bunch. It’s worthwhile to investigate.

Place Some Ads

Organic marketing is fantastic, but if you want the best results, you should also think about using various sponsored advertisements. The issue of where to place those ads is one that frequently arises. Among the top choices are:

– Facebook 

Remember that Twitter doesn’t perform as well, but if you have a sizable following there, it might still be beneficial. Consider where your audience spends the majority of their time. The most effective types of keywords to use for online paid advertising typically include:

– Words that describe the book’s genre and its subject (similar to what you used when putting the book on Kindle)
– Book title 
– Author’s name

Amazon also provides paid marketing for writers. For display ads, sponsored ads, keyword advertising, and other choices, there are many. Amazon advertising has a lot of potentials. People are already in the mood to purchase books, so seeing your book in the advertisement increases the likelihood that they will click through and check out what you have to offer.

Run Pricing Promotions

When something is on offer, people like to purchase it. If you can offer customers a discount, you might be able to convince some of them to purchase your book. As a result, you should think about periodically offering your eBook for sale. By offering discounts of 10% or 20%, you can frequently encourage more people to purchase the eBook, which will raise its rankings and bring it to the attention of more readers. This is one of the major arguments against selling your book for just 99 cents. Without making it free, you wouldn’t be able to reduce the price any further, which necessitates entering your book into KDP Select. Thus, your only option is to sell it through Kindle.

Revise the marketing strategy

It’s not the end of the world if you discover that the book marketing campaign isn’t generating as many sales as you had hoped. The literature will always be there. All you have to do is reconsider your business plan. This might entail making some adjustments to your book summary or your keywords and phrases. You might discover that using a subpar cover possibly one you made yourself isn’t helping you at all. Perhaps it’s time to modernize and improve that cover. Still holding off on giving up on the work. Simply tweak your marketing strategy and continue to write your next book.

Publish another book

Writing a new book is the best method to increase sales of your print, audio, and eBook publications. Your chances of being discovered increase as you put more content out there. You can be confident that once a new reader finds one of your books they will start looking for more of your work. This will encourage them to purchase your earlier books, and they might even subscribe to your newsletter as a result. As you continue to write, your readership will grow. If you persevere, put in the necessary effort, and work on your writing and marketing skills, you can make this into a successful company. It might take a few books or even more.

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