Life Can Be Messy


But it’s beautiful too. It’s just the way we look at it.

There are many of us who, like myself, are frequently asked how we are doing and feeling. I can experience so many lifetimes in a single day that it is almost hard for me to give a precise response at this moment. I don’t think it’s as simple as answering a few questions or expressing one emotion to know how we are doing. We may see by peering inside our hearts that there are numerous emotions and convictions that coexist there. Life mixes a million sentiments into one, as evidenced by the fact that even emotions that are diametrically opposed to one another can exist together.

Life can be incredibly beautiful and chaotic at the same time, in all honesty. The possibility of something existing in a perfect paradox is one of life’s greatest but most challenging features. It is possible for something to be both difficult and satisfying. In this paradoxical universe where we are able to feel a wide range of emotions in a split second, anything is possible. In this environment, feelings might coexist and we can have a mirage of thoughts for a single idea. We can experience a spectrum of emotions in a very brief period of time, which is both amazing and devastating.

The most difficult lessons we learn in life are based on the hardest ones, and sometimes the individuals we despise the most turn out to be the ones we like most. The people who have brought us the most joy are frequently the ones from whom we know we must distance ourselves. In this paradoxical place where several seasons are occurring simultaneously, there are so many different aspects of life to be found. Because of this, even if it physically feels like the longest winter, spring shows us through the blossoming trees that even the seasons may continue even when we are on the verge of passing away. Life constantly gently serves as a reminder that the beautiful and the damaged may coexist, and that it is acceptable for something to always be something we loved even while it causes us pain.

We discover the core of who we are through exploring the paradoxes of life. All of these emotions can occur during the same day, including feelings of emotion, anger, tears, and happiness. Although I am unsure of how it is all possible, I do know that it is just beautiful. Because it feels good doesn’t make it fantastic. Although experiencing everything is in fact uncomfortable and unpleasant, there is nothing more satisfying than realising that you have let life to pass through your lungs like a powerful wind. Nothing is more beneficial than allowing yourself to be who you are at any given time. Nothing offers us more power than to voluntarily declare that we will allow any and all emotions to enter our souls and transform us.

The wonder of life is just this. Being human has such a unique beauty. The wonder of life is this. The whole thing is contradictory, lovely, and chaotic.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you

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  1. drvenkypens says:

    Our life is a paradox ❤️

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    1. GS says:

      It is, Sir

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